The city’s heavy traffic is easier to navigate if you’re driving an EV in London. Despite all the busted EV myths, filling up your EV is easier than ever. All you need is a smartphone and a charging cable. Especially in London, where there are more than 10,000 charging points currently. Most EV charging networks have an app that you can always have on hand.

These apps allow you to locate charging points, monitor them, check the prices in advance, pay for your charges and keep track of your charging history. Some apps only provide access to a certain network, while others gather multiple networks that you can choose from. Picking the right one for you might take some time and research — it depends on coverage, prices, subscription plans, and the overall quality of services. 

Here is what you need to know about the top EV charging apps in London.


Bonnet is an EV Charging App that connects over 21+ different charging apps into one simple app. They aim to provide the best EV charging experience possible for our users by providing them with accurate & live data for each charge point. Transparent pricing with the option of up to 15% off all charging across the bonnet network with Bonnet boast. Bonnet users have access to over 21 charging networks – and growing!

TIP: Splend Customers can access a discounted charging rate on Bonnet.

To join Bonnet:

  • Download the app (for Android or iOS)
  • Add your card details
  • Choose a Boost subscription and get up to 15% off all charging or use the pay-as-you-go option
  • Find the nearest available charging point using the map.

Bp pulse

Bp pulse has over 8,500 charging points of all types placed in convenient locations — supermarkets, hotels, public places. They specialise in fast chargers in London, and it’s a must-have app for Uber drivers. Their app is highly-intuitive and user friendly. 

Download bp pulse for Android

Download bp pulse for iOS

You can use the app either as a free member or with a subscription. For free members, fees are slightly higher, starting from £0.59/kW for a standard 7kW charger and reaching £0.79/kW for 150kW chargers. 

The subscription package is useful for full-time drivers and it costs £7.85 inc VAT per month. It gives you access to lower charging fares, free connection to many bp charge points, and 24/7 support from in-house experts.

First month’s subscription is free, after which they offer a £9 charging credit every month, for the next five months. Depending on charger type, the fares for subscription members vary between £0.44/kW – £0.63/kW.

Pod Point 

This is one of the most popular EV charging apps in the UK. With plenty of charging points across the country, located in supermarkets, restaurants or hotels, the network has slow, fast and rapid chargers, compatible with all plug-in car models. 

The app might be drivers’ favourite because it’s so easy to use. You can download it without any subscription or membership fee — you just top-up and pay while charging.

Download PodPoint for Android

Download PodPoint for iOS

DID YOU KNOW?  More than half of Pod Point’s charging stations are free to use.

The fares vary by location and charger type, but you can use PodPoint locations map to check them. The rapid chargers have the highest cost due to their fantastic speed. For example, at an average fare of 32p/kW, you end up paying between £11 to add 100 miles of range. 

Shell Recharge

Known as the “EV charging app for all your charging needs”, Shell Recharge aims to give drivers all the info they need so they never run out of juice. This app gives you access to a wide public charging network — ubitricity, Ionity, Osprey, Genie Point are just a few of the charging networks listed on Shell Recharge. 

One of the advantages of their app is that it allows you to locate charging points and monitor them in real-time. Payment is also easy because you receive a monthly bill.

To access Shell Recharge:

  • Download the app for Android or iOS
  • Register, order a free charge card and activate it
  • Start charging using the app or by tapping your card.

Fares differ from network to network. For Shell Recharge points, the prices start from £0.55/kWh using a fast charger and can go up to £0.85/kWh for an ultra-rapid station. 

Octopus Electroverse

This app belongs to Octopus Energy and it gives you easy access to multiple network’s charging points, such as Ionity, Shell Recharge,, Osprey. Locate all of them using the Electric Juice network map. The Octopus Electroverse app allows you to discover charge points, see charging history and insights and manage your account.

Download Octopus Electroverse for Android 

Download Octopus Electroverse for iOS

Once registered, you receive a free, personalised Electrocard to use for starting your refills. Charging fares differ from network to network  — you can check them by entering your postcode on the Octopus Energy tariffs calculator.

TIP: If Octopus Energy is your home energy supplier, your charging costs using Octopus Electroverse app can be added to your monthly bill.

Source London

They have more than 1,700 charging points across London and their chargers don’t go above 22kW. The fares are considered high, because they charge per minute instead of per hour, as most networks do. You can access their charging points using contactless paying or a subscription plan.

To become a full member of Source London: 

  • Download the app for Android or iOS
  • Choose a subscription plan 
  • After you receive a membership card, you can start charging.

IMPORTANT: You will have to book in advance (up to 40 minutes) for a charging point.

The plus is that you’re also reserving a parking bay, solving two issues at once. Keep in mind that you have to pay extra for charging in Central London. Their biggest asset is having dedicated subscription plans for PCO drivers, with lower fares. The membership costs £4 per month and the standard rate is 46p/kW. 

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