The COVID-19 pandemic has become the central topic and a major preoccupation of the media and the public. The outbreak has created uncertainty for individuals, families, as well as businesses and self-employed workers like yourself.

We want to assure you that Splend is not just here to give you a set of wheels. Our teams are on hand to help you stay healthy, safe, and well-informed during this exceptional period.

Uber takes measures to contain COVID-19

Uber announced a series of steps to assist drivers worldwide and help health authorities in an effort to contain the epidemic:

  • Financial assistance: drivers and delivery workers diagnosed with coronavirus or asked by a health authority to self-isolate will have their Uber accounts suspended and receive financial support from Uber during the 14-day quarantine period
  • Disinfectants: Uber is mobilizing its partnerships with manufacturers and distributors to ensure their drivers have access to disinfectants during these times of high demand.
  • Food delivery: People are relying more on food delivery in this period, so Uber Eats clients can now ask deliverers to leave the food packages at the door to minimise exposure risk.

Read the detailed list

Coronavirus safety tips for on-demand drivers

People are being encouraged to avoid crowded places and public transport, so there’s a raised demand for ridesharing, which is expected to heighten in the upcoming days. Driving during this period carries an increased responsibility.

Read this 5-step guide and take all the precautions you can to avoid getting infected and help curb the spreading of the virus.

1. Wash your hands frequently

We wash our hands every day, but is it thorough enough to kill this new coronavirus?

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams explains how to wash your hands correctly:

2. Keep the inside of your car clean

We know that cleaning your car is an important part of your work on any given day. However, during the outbreak, it’s important to also disinfect at least the frequently touched surfaces.

We recommend getting both disinfectant spray and antibacterial wipes and using them multiple times a day on these surfaces:

  • Door handles (inside as well as outside), as well as the handles above the passenger doors
  • Gear lever and steering wheel
  • The dashboard as well as any buttons your passengers might also touch

With supplies running low, it might be hard to get these products. Uber is working to provide drivers with disinfectants to help them keep their cars clean.

Use this checklist to make sure you don’t miss any frequently-touched spots:

Car cleaning checklist coronavirus

3. Have hand sanitizer available for you and your passengers

When you don’t have access to running water to wash your hands, you can use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Again, finding hand sanitizer may prove tricky so try a number of different stores in between rides.

4. Minimise exposure

By far the most effective way to keep safe and stop the spreading of the coronavirus or any infectious disease is to minimise personal contact and self-isolation during the incubation period, even if you’re feeling well.
If you don’t want to self-isolate and continue to work, you can limit your exposure by doing less rideshare driving and shifting your focus more towards UberEATS or Amazon deliveries.

5. Stop driving if you feel unwell

If you’ve been exposed to a confirmed coronavirus carrier or you’re not feeling well, it’s important to self-isolate and keep an eye on your symptoms. These include:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

Coronavirus health information line

Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service if:

  • you feel you can’t cope with your symptoms at home
  • your condition gets worse
  • your symptoms don’t get better after 7 days

Important: only call 111 if you can’t get help online.

+1: Stay positive

It might be difficult to avoid getting sucked into the panic spiral, but it’s important to realize that the empty streets and more and more people wearing masks is a good sign, meaning that we’re starting to take this epidemic seriously. The more careful we all are these few days, the sooner things get back to normal.

We encourage you to keep your calm, take all the necessary precautions, and stay safe.

Finally, some words of encouragement from Uber themselves:

Maintaining your Uber Pro status
The last thing you should have to worry about is losing your Uber Pro status. We are protecting the current Uber Pro status for all drivers for the remainder of this qualifying period.Support options

Support options

We’re all in this together, and dealing with the crisis is our common goal. Read our guides below to see what support packages and alternative income opportunities you can rely on during these difficult times.

Other COVID-19 resources

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