When you look up ‘family man’ in the dictionary there should be a picture of Thomas Richards. Flanked by his grandson, Thomas picked up his MG5 EV wearing a homemade t-shirt featuring images of his beautiful family.

Thomas only recently joined Splend on our Rent to buy plan but he’s been an Uber driver since 2017, so he’s a veteran of London’s rideshare community.

Getting the keys to a brand-new car was something of a throwback for Thomas.

“The last time I owned a brand-new car was back in the ‘70s!”

As an experienced Uber driver, Thomas was quick to point out the savings that come with driving an electric car.

“I’m making the switch to an MG5 EV to save some money, really, on the Congestion Charge and on petrol as well.”

“I’ll be saving £15 every day on the Congestion Charge and £12.50 a day on the ULEZ.”

For Uber, Thomas informs us, comfort is king for both drivers and the riders:

“The MG5 is a very comfortable car for driving Uber, and it’s got the big boot space too.”

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