Meet Daniel, who embraces the electric future

Meet Daniel, who embraces the future with his new electric car
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Part-time rideshare driver Daniel Mason called the office the other day, and said he wanted an electric car. This happened just minutes after Bolt veteran Olalekan Ibraheem picked up the keys to his brand-new Hyundai IONIQ Electric. so we knew the electric revolution is on.

A long-serving Splend member, Daniel drives with multiple rideshare platforms including Uber and Ola. His customer service is second to none, the main reason he gets so many tips from his riders.

When asked about making the transition from his much-loved Kia Niro to the Hyundai IONIQ Electric on our Rent to buy plan, Daniel said there was a long list of people ready for a ride.

“I’m super excited! All my neighbours want to see it, my family wants to see it. I’ve also been telling my riders that the electric car is coming, and they’re looking forward to it as well.”

Speaking about the savings that come with an electric car, Daniel who drives part-time, said he’d be using the extra savings to pay for the new car.

“At the moment I think I’m going to break even compared to the petrol-hybrid, but I’m getting a brand-new car – a better car.”

But savings aren’t the only benefit Daniel is looking forward to. He’s most eager to reduce his carbon emissions.

“The benefits for me include that I’m not polluting the environment and the number of Zero emission streets only is increasing so I don’t need to worry. Electric cars are the way forward – the sooner you get one the better off you’ll be in the long run.”

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