MoT extension for Uber – COVID-19 update and FAQ

MoT extension – COVID-19 update and FAQ
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UPDATE – June 2020
TfL has recommenced car inspections on June 3rd 2020. The MoT extensions remain valid for PHV licences that expired between March 23rd  and June 30th (inclusive), so the cars won’t need to undergo inspection until the new expiry date.
Starting July, cars presented for licensing will need to meet all the requirements, including a valid MoT certificate no older than 14 days.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the efforts to curb the spread of the virus have brought unprecedented changes to all aspects of life and work in Britain, and your car’s MoT is no exception.

To help people carry on with essential travel, the Department for Transport announced that all cars will be exempt from MoT testing for 6 months if their certificate expires before June 30th.

As a leader in the PCO car hire industry, we got a lot of questions from Uber drivers. We put together the most frequently asked ones in the list below. If you have any questions, just call your Member Success Representative or if you’re not a Splend member, drop us a line at

Uber informed me that my MoT will expire soon. What should I do?

If your MoT certificate expires before the end of June, you don’t need to do anything, just wait for Uber to update your MoT expiry date in your account.

How will Uber update my MoT due date?

Uber receives notice for each MoT certificate that expires before June 30th, and their document inspection specialists update the expiry date in your account.

How long will this take?

According to Uber, updating the expiry dates can take up to three days.

What can I do to help speed up this process?

You can always call Uber’s document support team for more information. However, they’re facing a high number of calls, so any resolution may be delayed.

Should I re-upload my expired MoT?

No. Re-uploading your expired MoT can slow down the update process.

What if I can’t afford to wait up to 3 days for the extension?

While Uber is handling the document approval process, all we can do is ask for your patience. During these unprecedented times, we’re all doing our best to assist you.

What is Splend doing to support me?

We’ve reached out to Uber and sent them a list of our members whose MoTs are due soon. Hopefully this will help avoid delays, but we can’t guarantee it.

Can I swap my Splend car for one with a valid MoT?

We’re working with limited staff and cars at the moment. Our Member Support Centre is open for appointments only. As a result, swapping a car to avoid this situation is unfortunately not possible.

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