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Unlimited miles
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To assist our new and existing members during the latest London tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions, we’re lifting the 700-mile weekly driving quota and introducing unlimited mileage on our Rent and Rent to buy plans.

The offer comes as an addition to the current £22 weekly discount available on our Rent plan.

Below are some FAQ about the unlimited mileage offer.

How long does the unlimited mileage offer last?

The unlimited mileage offer period is from Thursday 31st December until Thursday 14th January. We will review the unlimited mileage package in line with Government guidance before the 14th of January 2021.

When will I see the discount for the unlimited mileage offer?

You won’t be charged for any excess mileage on the following three payment days:

  • Thursday 31st December 2020
  • Thursday 7th January 2021
  • Thursday 14th January 2021

Please note: we charge excess mileage fees with a two-week delay. So for example, your invoice to be paid on the 31st of December will include a discount for any excess mileage from the week Monday 14th December to Sunday the 20th December.

How can I claim the unlimited mileage offer?

Terms and conditions do apply, these will be emailed to you when you become a member.

How can I maximise the benefits of the offer?

You can sign up to other rideshare or on-demand delivery platforms to maximise your earnings. People rely on these platforms extensively

Check out the rideshare apps and the food-and parcel delivery platforms available in London.

Will the new national restrictions be different from the first and second lockdowns?

Yes, please refer to the Government website for all the latest information on the lockdown restrictions.

What does this mean for my early repayments?*

We won’t add the excess mileage fees to the end of your rental agreement, and even though they’re fully discounted, the 10p per additional mile over the 700-mile normal quota still goes towards early repayment.

In other words, the more you drive the sooner you’ll own your car – even during the lockdown.

*Rent to buy plan only

About Splend

At Splend we help on-demand drivers thrive, and we continue to help our members through the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Our dedicated Member Success Representatives and Member Care Team are on standby to answer any questions you might have.

Simply call us on 0333 016 4331


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