Hello, zero emissions!

Electric vehicles are coming to our Uber-ready PCO car range

Uber has announced plans to have a 100% electric fleet in London and teamed up with companies like Splend to provide more affordable EV access for drivers like you.

To help Uber accelerate toward their goal, we are expanding our fleet to include fully electric (EV) models on our Rent to buy plan.

Take advantage of your Uber Clean Air Fee earnings and lower your weekly costs by renting a PCO ready electric car with Splend. Sign up and be the first to hear about our new PHEV and EVs on our PCO car offering.

Why go electric
H beyond zero emissions

Save on fuel & running costs

Driving an EV means you’ll no longer need to fill up the tank. It is estimated that if you drive 700 miles per week, an electric vehicle could save you £30 per week compared to a petrol hybrid.

Discounted weekly plans

One of the key elements of Uber’s Clean Air Plan is helping drivers upgrade to cleaner vehicles. You can access your Clean Air Fee earnings and use the money to lower the weekly cost of your Splend provided PCO car.

No ULEZ or Congestion Charge

If you drive a PHEV or EV, you’ll be able to access incentives from both Uber and the Government, and save money from day one being exempt from the £15 daily Congestion Charge in Central London.