Knowing how to change a tyre can be useful for any driver, especially for Uber drivers. It can help you when you get a flat tyre and can’t get assistance in a timely manner or for maintenance purposes. 

However, safety should be your top priority, so don’t change your tyres if you’re unsure about the process, don’t have the correct tools, or your safety is at risk by any means.  

If you feel confident enough and have the right tools, it’s a great way to save some time and money. 

Did you know? Splend’s car subscription plans include roadside assistance, so we’re a call away if something occurs on the road.  

What equipment do you need to change a tyre? 

To change a tyre, you’ll need the following tools: 

  • Wrench – to remove the wheel nuts 
  • Jack – to lift the car off the ground 
  • Wheel chock – to stop the car from rolling when jacked up, you can also use some bricks or large rocks instead
  • Wheel nut key – if locking nuts are fitted 
  • Car handbook – it’s advisable to read your car’s manual before starting the process. 

It might also be handy to have the following: 

  • Gloves – to avoid getting your hands greasy 
  • Signalling equipment – if you have to change your tyre on the road, it’s useful to make yourself visible by wearing a reflective jacket and placing a warning triangle set next to your car 
  • Short plank of wood – a flat surface to steady the jack.

Most of the cars come with a tyre changing kit including the essential tools, usually located in the boot.  

How to change a tyre? 

Here is how to change a tyre in 10 simple steps.    

1. Prepare the car 

Make sure you’re in a safe place, remove your passengers from the car and prepare your tools, including the spare tyre. Secure your car with the handbrake, put it in park mode or first gear if it’s manual and take the keys out of the ignition.  

2. Position the wheel chocks 

To prevent the car from rolling when jacked up, position a chock on the opposite wheel to the one you’re changing. For example, if changing the left-front tyre, put a chock behind the right-rear wheel. You can use bricks or large rocks if you don’t have a wheel chock.  

3. Loosen the wheel nuts 

Do this while your car is still on the ground for more safety. You may need to lever off a plastic wheel trim first. 

Turn the wheel wrench anti-clockwise and loosen the nuts to the point where they can be turned by hand. Be careful not to loosen them too much, and don’t remove them altogether yet. 

4. Jack the car up 

Check your car’s handbook to see where your car’s jacking points are. Try to position the jack at the side of the car and place a small plank of wood under the jack to keep it stable.  

Raise the car gradually until the tyre is 10-15 cm off the ground.  

IMPORTANT: Never get under the car or put body parts under it while the jack supports it. 

5. Unscrew the wheel nuts and remove the tyre 

Fully loosen and remove each wheel nut, then smoothly pull it towards you until it comes free. Place it flat on the ground, even under the car, as an extra safety precaution to support the car in case the jack gives way. 

6. Place the new tyre 

Lift the new tyre onto the hub and make sure it’s properly fitted against the wheel nuts. Replace the wheel nuts and tighten them by hand. It’s now safe to remove the tyre from under the car. 

7. Lower the car 

Use the jack to lower the car until the weight of the new tyre is on the ground.  

8. Tighten the wheel nuts 

Use the wrench to tighten the wheel nuts completely. 

9. Fully lower the car 

Bring your car all the way down to earth and remove the jack. Take a final check on the wheel nuts for tightness. Store the equipment in your boot. 

10. Check your tyre pressure 

Ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated is highly important for your security. Use a tyre pressure gauge to check it, if you have one or head to a petrol station to find one to use.  

Bonus step – If you have a flat tyre and replace it with the space saver spare tyre, don’t drive too much on it. They’re built for temporary emergency use, so replace it with a proper tyre as soon as possible.  

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