The easy way to own your PCO approved car

  • All applications considered, regardless of credit rating
  • Flexibility and support that doesn't come at a cost
  • No delivery delays! Our EVs are ready to go

New Flexi Own Vehicles

What’s included with Flexi own?

What happens if I change my mind?

We think you’ll love your brand-new EV which you will own at the end of your subscription. However, we know that circumstances can change, which is why Flexi own customers can return their car for no additional charge after the minimum term.

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The more you drive, the sooner you’ll own your EV

If you exceed the weekly 1000 mile quota, any excess mileage charges are removed from your total cost of ownership, meaning you pay off the total cost of your vehicle sooner.

How much do you drive each week?

When will you own your car?


This calculator assumes a weekly payment of £294 with excess miles charged at £2 per 10 miles, and is for illustration purposes only. Please ask our team for more information.

About Flexi Own (Rent to buy)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent to buy?

Rent to buy, known at Splend as Flexi own, is a flexible way for a PCO driver to own a car whilst earning an income with platforms such as Uber.

How does Rent to buy work?

Rent to buy contracts work differently to car finance. Because the rental amount each week is paid in advance, no finance is required to secure the vehicle. At the end of the Rent to buy contract, if the conditions are all met, the V5 will be transferred to the new owner.

Does Rent to buy require a credit check?

We consider all applications for our Flexi own plan regardless of your previous credit rating.

Is Rent to buy considered Halal?

With car finance, you borrow money and pay interest in order to buy the car and become the owner, which is not suitable for some religions. With Rent to buy, there is no loan. Until all payments have been made by the end of the term, Splend remains the owner of the car. In the meantime, you can’t sell or modify the car, because you don’t own it, you’re just paying for the right to use it. At the end of the term, the V5 will be transferred to the new owner. As a result, our Flexi own product appeals to many drivers of faith.

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