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How does Rent to buy work for cars? The complete guide

Rent to buy 101—Three steps to flexible car ownership

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Is it better to rent or buy a car for PCO driving? Each option has its pros and cons, but since they’re so different, there is going to be a compromise either way. But what if there was a middle way that provided the flexibility of renting and the ability…

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The complete guide to PCO car hire in London

All there is to know about PCO car hire

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PCO car hire is a term that you’ll hear used extensively if you are looking for a flexible way to earn an income with Uber or other on-demand driving apps. But what do you really need to know? What are the pros and cons? How can you get started? With…

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Uber destinations help you be more efficient

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Did you notice? When you get a ride request, it now shows you the postcode of the destination, before you pick up your rider. This small detail can have a huge impact on your work when used correctly. How does it work? Until this update you didn’t know where your…

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Toyota Corolla Touring Sports - PCO cars for rent London

2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Touring Sports joins Rent to buy lineup

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Adding the 2019 Corolla Hybrid Touring Sports to Rent to buy You might already be aware that our successful Rent to buy has launched in the UK, and this time we have further good news. Shortly after the product launch, we’re adding the new 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Touring Sports…

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How to earn more tips with Uber

5 ways to earn more tips with Uber

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Tips have always been present in the service industry, although different rules govern them in every domain and culture. Why would ridesharing be an exception? Of course, it’s not – but it is indeed a little different from, say, the hospitality industry. Tipping has been available straight from the Rider…

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Getting started with Uber - Uber Ignition

Getting Started with Ridesharing – What is Uber Ignition?

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Regardless if you decide to get your own vehicle licenced for ridesharing or spare yourself the trouble and rent a PCO car, getting started with Uber in London can be a confusing process. To make the first steps easier for budding drivers, Uber created Ignition, a free information programme with…

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Splend - Flexible alternative for Uber car finance - Rent-to-Buy plan coming soon to the UK

Splend’s Rent-to-Buy Plan Has Launched!

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Are you looking to own a brand-new PCO car to earn an income with rideshare platforms such as Uber? Then Splend is here to help! Our Rent-to-Buy plan has just launched! What is Splend Rent-to-Buy? By bringing this hugely successful plan from Australia to the UK, our goal is to…

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Introducing Splend UK's new fleet team!

Introducing our fleet team and a new service partner

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Vehicle maintenance is a crucial part of any driver’s routine. However, if ridesharing is your bread and butter, it’s that much more important to give your car the attention it needs, and also get it done as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re proud to inform you that we’ve launched…

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Splend Member Support Centre London

New Member Support Centre in London

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Splend, the leading global provider of rideshare rental vehicles is ready to open its new Member Support Centre in London. The new 2300-square-metre facility is located at 393 Edgware Road Cricklewood, London, less than one mile southwest of Brent Cross Shopping Centre, and is scheduled to open in early April.…

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Splend Refarral Program - How to boost your rideshare income

How to boost your revenue with referrals? 3 tips straight from a long-time Member

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Few of us ever take bonuses into account when we think about our income. If you’re a Splend Member, however, you really should. Here’s why: You may be aware of Splend’s referral program, but did you know there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to us?…

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