All-inclusive PCO Car Hire for Uber drivers

  • Includes PHV insurance
  • Lowest upfront costs on the market
  • PCO Car Hire available for same day collection!

What cars are available?

What’s included with Flexi?

What happens if I change my mind?

We think you’ll love your brand-new PCO car. However, we know that circumstances can change, which is why Flexi customers can return their car for no additional charge after the minimum term which starts at 6 weeks.

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About PCO Car Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCO Car Hire?

PCO Car Hire, known at Splend as Flexi, is a short-term way for a PCO driver to access a car for earning an income with platforms such as Uber.

What does PCO mean?

Public Carriage Office (PCO) which is the office within Transport for London (TfL) who issue Private Hire Driver Licences to people wanting to earn an income with platforms such as Uber.

What is a PCO car?

A PCO car is a car that comes with a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Licence, meaning the car is approved to pick up passengers with platforms such as Uber.

How does PCO Car Hire work?

At Splend, getting started on our Flexi plan is the quickest and easiest way to get into a PCO car. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up online
  2. Pick you car
  3. Pay weekly

What is the minimum PCO Car Hire term?

The minimum term is 6 weeks.

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