Being a good rideshare driver takes more than just meeting the Uber driver requirements and driving a car which narrowly meets the eligibility criteria. After driving for rideshare platforms for over a year, Ijaz was looking for new ways to improve his new profession. He credits joining Splend’s Flexi own plan in the high-quality Volkswagen ID.3 as the most important improvement. 

I chose the ID.3 because it offers value for money. German cars are also known for being well-built and long-lasting — EVs are fairly new to the market, so spare parts tend to be pricey sometimes. Make sure you pick up a reliable model.

The two biggest ID.3 highlights for Ijaz are its safety features along with the space it offers.  

I’ve never felt so safe as when driving the ID.3. In terms of space, in London it is important to have a car that looks small from the outside but offers plenty of space on the inside. This car was built for driving through crowded cities like this one.

In addition to the safe and comfortable driving experience, Ijaz has found that he can earn more as an Uber driver with the VW ID.3 because of the low running costs and no Congestion Charge.  

Before my ID.3, I drove a petrol hybrid. After adding up fuel expenses, the Congestion Charge I had to pay in the city center and other running costs I had to cover myself, I ended up paying £140 per week. Now, it costs me just £5 per day to fully charge my car because I installed a home charger, which is very economical.

Before signing up with Splend, Ijaz did his research by studying the various offers on the market. 

Splend’s offer was unbeatable. No other company includes fully comprehensive insurance and car maintenance for such an attractive fee. Splend also has the shortest-term contract. In 4 years, you will have your own car without any big down payment. You pay your weekly subscription fee as you earn it. And if you exceed the mileage quota, the fee you pay will go towards owning your car sooner. Personally, I can’t imagine a better deal.

Ijaz says he will remain a rideshare driver for as long as it offers him what he needs.  

Every aspect of a job is important. But let’s face it, earnings are the main point. I’m thrilled with how much I earn now, my freedom, and the spare time I get to decide for myself.

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