For Ismael, ridesharing is more than just making a living. He decided to look into how to become an Uber driver six years ago, after doing several jobs he never thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to ridesharing, Ismael’s life changed for the better.

When I first came to the UK, my English and work experience weren’t good enough to get a job I enjoyed. So I started driving with Uber. That’s the best thing about ridesharing — everyone has the chance to do it, no matter their background.

What Ismael likes most about rideshare driving is the freedom to manage his working schedule and the ability to earn a better income.  

Before Uber, I was struggling to pay my bills and debts. Now the earnings are enough to cover my needs. And if I need more money, I can always do extra work. However, I’m very careful about my health, so I only drive the hours I can. I never force myself to do what I’m not able to.

Ismael knows people are the most important piece in the rideshare industry, so he makes sure to offer them a lovely ride experience every time.  

People like me as their driver because I enjoy talking to them, helping them and making them feel safe in my car. The downside is that you can also meet rude customers. I’m lucky to be a calm person by nature and who knows how to handle uncomfortable situations.

While searching for car subscription companies, he came across Splend, and joined us after his first visit to the London Hub.  

In addition to the plans and the selection of cars available, what truly convinced me to join Splend was the person I first spoke to on the phone. The way he talked encouraged me to come to the Hub and see for myself what Splend is about. That’s the thing I love most about Splend — their customer service.

Ismael is no stranger to electric cars. He had his first EV long before they were popular in London. He now drivers the MG ZS on our Flexi own plan. 

I chose this model because of its amazing range, especially compared to the previous EV I had – a Hyundai IONIQ, which needed to be charged at least twice a day. With the MG ZS, if I charge it overnight, I don’t have to turn down any job the next day, no matter how far it is.

Ismael made the switch to green mobility not only for the financial benefits, but also because of his passion for saving the environment. 

If we’d all switch to electric cars, we’d be closer to saving our planet. When I had my first EV – a Nissan Leaf, it wasn’t easy to get around with an electric car. The charging infrastructure was well underdeveloped. I sometimes had to wait in a queue for two hours before reaching the charging station and eight more hours for charging the car.  All that effort for just 100 miles range. Since then, EVs have come a long way and driving comes with many benefits.

Although Ismael wants to continue being a rideshare driver, he would love to do this back in his home country, Somalia. For now, he’s grateful to have found a job that suits his lifestyle. 

About Splend

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