Sunday, 23 April, will be a busy day in London due to the 43rd edition of the London Marathon. This Marathon is the world’s biggest annual one-day fundraising event and has raised over £1 billion for charity since it was founded.

The event will require road closures and parking restrictions in several London areas on 23 April or even earlier.

TIP: It’s a great opportunity for rideshare drivers to maximise their earnings, with ride demands expected to be high.

If you plan to work this day, here is everything you need to know to avoid unplanned detours during TCS London Marathon Day.

Which roads will be closed during the London Marathon Day?

To know how to plan your route, here is the complete list of the roads closed for London Marathon on 23 April and the estimated closure timetable.

Road Anticipated closure Anticipated reopening
Charlton Way  4:00 13:00
Shooters Hill Road  4:00 13:00
St John’s Park  4:00 13:00
Red Route: Charlton Park Road

Blue Route: Shooters Hill Road

Green Route: Old Dover Road

7:00 13:00
Red Route: Little Heat

Blue Route: Charlton Park Lane

7:00 13:00
Red Route: Artillery Place

Blue Route: John Wilson Street

7:00 13:00
Woolwich Church Street  7:00 14:00
Woolwich Road  7:00 14:00
Trafalgar Road  7:00 15:00
Creek Road  7:00 15:00
Evelyn Street  8:00 16:00 
Surrey Quays Road  8:00 16:00 
Salter Road  8:00 16:00 
Brunel Road  8:00 16:00 
Jamaica Road  8:00 16:00 
Tower Bridge  8:00 19:00 
The Highway (south side) 8:00 19:00 
Narrow Street 8:00 19:00 
Westferry Road 8:00 19:00 
East Ferry Road 8:00 19:00 
Marsh Wall  8:00 19:00 
North Colonnade  8:00 19:00 
Popular High Street  8:00 19:00 
Commercial Road  8:00 19:00 
The Highway (north side) 8:00 19:00 
Byward Street  7:30 20:30
Upper Thames Street  7:30 20:30
Victoria Embankment  7:30 20:30
Birdcage Walk (eastbound) 6:00 on Friday 21 April  Thursday 18 May 
Birdcage Walk (westbound) 7:30 on Saturday 22 April  Thursday 18 May 

Warning signs will be placed on affected roads prior to the event, and stewards and police officers will be present during Marathon Day to guide and help you if needed.  

What are the parking restrictions during London Marathon Day?  

Parking is restricted to authorised vehicles only on the Marathon route, and security measures will prevent other vehicles from approaching the premises.  

TIP: Park your car off the route on the evening of Saturday, 22 April, since vehicle removals will start at 6:00 Sunday, 23 April, along the entire route.    

If your car is relocated by the event contractors, you can locate it to take it back on the website. 

Are there vehicle crossing points available for London Marathon Day? 

Yes, drivers can use 21 vehicle crossing points, each open until a specific time. They will then close to allow Marathon participants to pass. The crossing points will reopen when it’s safe to do so. 

Check the vehicle crossing points list and the estimated time when each closes. Please note that these times are approximate, and the vehicle crossing points can be closed earlier if necessary.  

Local information for residents and businesses 

Here is the essential information you need to know if you live or work within the areas covered by the London Marathon route.  


Residents of Rotherhithe can park in a safe and free overnight parking facility provided by Bacon’s College on Timber Pond Lane. This car park will operate from 16:00 on Saturday 22 April, until 18:00 on Sunday, 23 April.  

For access, residents should use Hawkstone Road, Lower Road, Surrey Quays Road, Needleman Street, Poolmans Street and Timber Pond Road. The same roads can be used for the route out.  


Residents of Wapping are affected by the road closures due to the Marathon passing along The Highway twice. A vehicle crossing point will operate at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road during the road closures, allowing entry and exit north and south.  

Vehicles won’t be able to cross while there are participants on both carriageways of The Highway, between 9:30 and 15:00, approximately, on Sunday, 23 April.  

Isle of Dogs 

Residents on the east and west side of Westferry Road will be able to exit onto Westferry Road and travel south to Manchester Road until 9:00 on Sunday, 23 April. From 9:00, no vehicle movements will be possible until after 16:00.  


There will be extended road closures within this area as part of the coronation of King Charles III.  

These are the roads closed for this event that will all reopen on Thursday, 18 May: 

  • Mall Road, Marlborough Road – closed from 5:00 on Thursday, 20 April 
  • Spur Road, Constitution Hill, Horse Guards Road, Birdcage Walk (eastbound) – closed from 6:00 on Friday 21 April 
  • Birdcage Walk (westbound) – closed from 7:30 on Saturday 22 April.  

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