Uber is constantly working on reaching its goal to be 100% electric in London by the end of 2025 and in the rest of the UK by 2030 by offering their drivers new incentives.  

Upgrading to an EV by 31 December 2023 will get you enrolled in a limited-time incentive where you can get a £700 reward.

How does the Uber new incentive work?

The £700 reward will be given based on the number of trips completed in an EV within three months after you sign your EV on the Uber platform. You can make: 

  • £200 for 50 trips 
  • An extra £500 if you complete another 400 trips. 

Who is eligible for the Uber new incentive?

To sign up for this promotion, you must be a non-EV driver in the UK, meaning drivers who have taken less than 10 EV trips in the six months before October 18, 2023.  

How do I get the reward?

To get the reward, you must: 

  • Have an EV on your Uber account by 31 December 2023 
  • Complete the 50/400 trip requirement within 3 months after you enrolled in the incentive program. 

After you complete the required trips, promotional payments will be made on Fridays and appear in your statement as “Miscellaneous Payment,” following the achievement of the trip threshold. 

How can Splend help?

At Splend, we provide ownership options on a wide range of Uber-ready in stock EVs, meaning you can get in an electric car before this incentive ends and be able to access the limited-time £700 reward. 

We help on-demand drivers access brand-new EV models with our all-inclusive subscription plans, Flexi and Flexi own 

Our plans cover everything rideshare drivers need to get on the road:  

  • PHV licence, car Tax + MOT  
  • PHV insurance   
  • Servicing  
  • Replacement tyres and brakes  
  • 24/7 roadside assistance  
  • Replacement car in case of an accident.    

We also value performance and progress, so our team is there to help drivers succeed in everything they do. We offer dedicated support from day one and help you make a driving strategy and become a more profitable and successful rideshare driver.    

Ready to switch to an EV?

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We are car subscription specialists. Don’t take our word for it—drivers rate us excellent on Trustpilot. We can set you up with a brand-new or new-model car on our Flexi own plan, plus we provide the training and support you need to become an Uber driver that’s more profitable, safer, and fulfilled.

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