A Splend Customer – Rosario previously paid £170 per week to drive an older petrol hybrid on a rental plan. He has since joined Splend to upgrade his Uber car to a brand-new EV, costing him just over £200 a week which, includes insurance, servicing, replacement parts and more. This is all thanks to EV Boost. 

Despite having just over £4,700 of Uber EV Assistance, Rosario was awaiting the right time to invest his money into owning an EV. Thanks to our EV Boost program, Rosario saved over £9,500 on the total cost of ownership. 

I knew I had around £4,700 Uber EV Assistance I could use towards paying for an EV, but I needed to save a bit more before making the switch. When I heard that Splend would double my Uber EV Assistance, I knew it was time to make my dream come true.

As a big fan of German cars, Rosario chose the sleek Volkswagen ID.3 on our 4-year Flexi own plan and he couldn’t be happier.  

This is the first brand-new car I’ve ever purchased, and I tell you, there’s no feeling to compare with. New-car smell, spotless interior and the unique experience of being the first driver of a car – the perfect package!

What is Rosario most excited about his new Volkswagen ID.3? He can’t stress it enough — the lower running costs, the increased earnings opportunities, and smoother driving that comes with an EV. 

The ID.3 seems like it was built for rideshare driving — compact from the outside, revealing much space inside, frugal on charge and very quiet. I love listening to music while driving, so I get to enjoy this even more from now on.

Looking for an opportunity to earn an additional income, Rosario started his Uber career six years ago. 

Considering my age, I have to take it easy, and Uber driving allows me to start and finish the day whenever I feel like it. Driving 25 hours a week is enough for how much I aim to earn.

A Splend Customer - Rosario

For Rosario, this offer was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he’d been long waiting for. He’s keen to go home and share this exciting news with his wife and pass on this unique chance with other Uber drivers.  

To celebrate our first EV Boost Splend Customer, we presented Rosario a Cadbury Boost chocolate bar along with the keys to his brand-new EV. 





Owning an EV is now more affordable than ever!

We double your Uber EV assistance to reduce the cost of a brand-new EV

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