Flexi Dynamic Pricing Terms and Conditions

  • Vehicles available from only £179* per week, depending on your Uber driving history, chosen mileage allowance and stock availability.
  • Further discount possible using CAF (If available at £75* per week max).
  • The prices displayed are the lowest price possible, not guaranteed and will vary between individual PCO drivers based on below factors.
  • Factors that may impact maximum discount possible for each individual PCO driver are:
    • Vehicle make and model, and
    • Stock availability, and
    • Mileage inclusions, and
    • Amount of CAF balance available, and
    • Driving history of the driver, and
    • Total number of trips taken on Uber platform, and
    • Availability and balance of Driver’s CAF (maximum £75 per week)
  • The maximum discount available to an individual PCO driver is arrived upon after taking into consideration each of the above variables, after receiving driver details.
  • Dynamic pricing subject to change at any time.
  • Dynamic pricing offer only valid while stocks last.
  • Dynamic prices on Splend’s Flexi cars are valid between 15 Jan 2024 and 30 Apr 2024.
  • The Dynamic Pricing offer may be extended at the sole discretion of Splend.
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