Referral Program – Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction
    • By participating in the Splend London Referral program program, you agree to the following terms and conditions, which outline the rules and guidelines for the referral program and the benefits available to both the referrer and the referred individual.
  2. Referral Program Details
    • Referral Bonus Payment for Flexi Own Subscription:
      • You will receive a £200 credit upfront towards your weekly payment for referring someone who takes up a Flexi Own subscription.
      • The referred individual will also receive a £200 credit towards their weekly payment upon completing their onboarding and becoming a Splend customer on a Flexi Own subscription.
    • Eligibility for Referral Payment:
      • You become eligible for a referral payment once the new customer you referred completes their onboarding and becomes a Splend customer on a Flexi Own subscription. Please allow up to three weeks for the referral payment to be credited to your invoice.
    • Payment Method: Upon approval, the £200 referral payment will be credited against your weekly payment.
    • Outstanding Balance: If you have an outstanding balance, the referral payment will be used as credit against it.
    • Used Vehicle Outright Purchase: Current Splend customers on a Flexi Own plan or those who have purchased a used vehicle outright from Splend shall be eligible for a £200 referral payment for any customer they refer to Splend to purchase a used vehicle outright until 30 June 2024. The referred individual will not receive a payment in the case of buying a used vehicle outright.
  3. Eligibility
    • Referrer/Inviter Eligibility: To be a referrer/inviter, you must (a) be a legal resident of the United Kingdom, (b) be of legal age in the United Kingdom, and (c) have an active Splend account in good standing.
    • Referred Individual Eligibility: The referred individual must (a) be a new Splend customer, (b) meet Splend’s conditions for joining, (c) use your referral code when signing up, and (d) comply with Splend’s standard Terms and Conditions.
  4. Referral Code Use
    • Finding Your Referral Code: Your Customer Specialist will provide you with your unique referral code during onboarding. If you forget your code, contact your Customer Specialist or email hello-uk@splend.com.
    • Using Your Referral Code: Referral codes must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes and shared only with people you know. The code must be used at the time of online enquiry, by the sign-up specialist at booking, or at onboarding. No backdating of payments if the referral code was not used appropriately.
    • Limitations: Splend reserves the right to limit the number of times you may use or share your referral code based on the specific referral program.
  5. Referral Program Limitations
    • Flexi Rental Subscriptions: This referral program does not apply to customers referring someone who takes up a Flexi (Rental) subscription.
    • Returning Customers: No referral payment will be made for referring a returning Splend customer.
    • General Points:
      • Splend reserves the right to set a limit on the number of times you may use your referral code. The requirements for receiving, and the amounts of, referral payments are subject to change at Splend’s sole discretion.
      • Splend reserves the right to change, end, or pause any referral program, as well as any referrer/inviter’s or referee/invitee’s ability to participate, at any time for any reason, including suspected fraud or abuse.
      • Splend may update these rules at any time. Updates will be posted on www.splend.co.uk. Continued participation after any update means you agree to the update.
  6. Contact Information
    • If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding the referral program, please contact us at hello-uk@splend.com.

By participating in the Splend referral program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


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