Uber Driving Tips – Are you ready for the festive season? How about your car? The holiday checklist is long for all of us, but this time of the year is particularly busy if you’re an Uber driver.

Company events, family reunions, and thousands of last-minute shoppers fire up the demand across all rideshare platforms and delivery apps, so it’s a unique opportunity to boost your earnings. To make sure you make the best of the holiday season, we asked our experienced team here at Splend to come up with five important uber driving tips. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Prepare for the high demand

Make sure all of your documents are valid at least until the end of this busy season so you can work uninterrupted. If a document expires you may get a fine, or worse, end up having to take a break until the new year and miss out on the best earning opportunities.

The increased demand for rides means long queues at the garage too. Do the routine check-ups in time and don’t wait until all the mechanics are booked up.

Prepare for driving Uber in the holiday season using this checklist:

  • Check that all your car documents are up to date
  • Test your car’s lights and make sure you have spare bulbs and fuses of each type
  • Check the tyre treads and pressure, including the spare
  • Top up the windscreen washer fluid
  • Prepare a spare phone charger in the glovebox
  • If your car needs maintenance soon, book a session with the Splend team as soon as possible


2. Cash in on New Year’s Eve

Parties everywhere — no wonder New Year’s Eve is probably the busiest day of the year for rideshare drivers. This means plenty of competition on the roads, so use your local knowledge to find your niche ahead of time.

TIP: The rideshare apps will be glowing red hot from midnight until the early morning, so be sure you’ve had plenty of rest to be up and alert, and have a full tank so you waste no time at the pumps.

3. Busy period = busy roads

You know the drill — slow and steady wins the race. In the holiday season, however, it’s more important than ever to be well-rested, drive cautiously, and keep an eye on the speedometer. The police will be out in force watching the roads.

Spare yourself the frustration of getting stuck in traffic. Rather than making risky moves to try and compensate for the time lost, avoid the congested areas altogether and work out a strategy.

TIP: You may be tempted to chase the surge, but do it only if you’re absolutely sure you won’t get caught up in a jam.

The demand is high in these weeks, so there’s plenty of money to be made elsewhere, without having to stare at brake lights. Use Waze, catch up with fellow drivers, and use every means possible to catch up with the latest traffic news.

4. Target tourists

Christmas day is busier than most people think. Last-minute shopping, family dinners—you name it. Although if you still find yourself waiting too much between trips, remember that there are probably lots of people travelling home or away for Christmas.

This may sound like the exact opposite of our previous advice, but you don’t need to get stuck in traffic to find tourists. If you finish a trip close to a hotel, head straight there. The same goes for bus stops and train stations. Delays are more common than during the rest of the year, so your riders will be extra grateful.

5. Stock up your car

Before the rush, it’s a good idea to stock up on the everyday car essentials such as tissues, water, mints, and some tasty treats to hand out to your riders. Maybe throw in a new air freshener as well, to give your riders the best experience.

Pick up some sick bags while you’re shopping to avoid any surprises that might put you off the road for hours.

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