To reduce pollution and increase air quality, a pioneering Clean Air Neighbourhood project aims to discourage out-of-borough motorists from using streets in residential areas as cut-throughs. According to Hammersmith & Fulham website, this project initially covered the east of Wandsworth Bridge Road, expanding from December 2022 to all of South Fulham as a trial for six to 18 months. 

What is the Clean Air zone in South Fulham? 

This change affects drivers who try to cut through from Wandsworth Bridge Road to New Kings Road or vice versa.  



All out-of-borough motorists received warning letters for passing through this zone for the first two months of the trial.  

IMPORTANT: From February 1st 2023, all cars that aren’t registered in Hammersmith and Fulham seeking to cut through between Wandsworth Bridge Road and New Kings Road will get a £65 PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).  

The cars are detected using five automatic number plate recognition cameras, so getting a fine if crossing the camera zones is inevitable. 

How does the South Fulham Clean Air Neighbourhood project affect rideshare drivers? 

Access to the neighbourhood isn’t completely restricted, visitors and PCO vehicles can drive to every street in the area and avoid the cameras by entering and leaving either via New Kings Road or Wandsworth Bridge Road.  

The cameras only affect drivers who try to cut through from Wandsworth Bridge Road to New Kings Road or vice versa.  

Residents can also give the drivers access using RingGo during a journey. If a driver still needs to pass a camera or does so by mistake, the simple way to solve this is by asking your passenger for access through RingGo. The residents can easily do that on the RingGo website, app or the 24/7 dedicated hotline.  

What should rideshare drivers do to avoid fines in South Fulham? 

Rideshare drivers should be careful to adjust their routes to avoid the cameras. There is no significant distance in time or length on these routes, and rideshare drivers are encouraged to update their navigation systems accordingly.  

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