Our monthly On-demand news – January 2023 summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in January.

Learn five hacks to reduce your EV charging cost

The cost of EV charging has increased lately due to the energy crisis, affecting PCO drivers across London. The smartest thing to do is navigate the charging process and discover how to minimise costs. We gathered five charging hacks to help you reduce your costs by 10%-15%.  

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Upgrade your ride experience with the distinctive Polestar 2

With its sophisticated looks, high-quality details and premium design, the Polestar 2 will instantly stand out on the streets of London. There’s more to it than looks and style — you get a whopping 341 miles WLTP range and fast-charging technology.  

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Discover every step to renew your PCO licence in 2023

Your PCO licence is the most important document as a rideshare driver. You must always know when it expires and how to get a new one. We’ve answered all your questions about PCO licence renewal and laid out all the necessary steps you’ll need to take.  

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How does 2023 look like driving an EV?

If you’ve been considering switching to green mobility for a while, 2023 is your year! Driving an EV comes with so many benefits, from financial incentives to charge exemptions, helping you increase your rideshare income. All that whilst driving a new-model car with zero emission and plenty of technology.    

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Trip request to Luton? Learn how to pay the drop-off charge

London Airports have introduced charges for dropping passengers off, and Luton is no exception. Learn where you can drop passengers off at Luton, how much the drop-off charge is and how to pay it.  

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