The cost of EV charging has increased lately due to the energy crisis, affecting PCO drivers across London who are feeling the pinch. How much Uber drivers earn depends a lot on their car running costs, with fuel being the biggest part of the final costs. The smartest thing to do now is to navigate the charging process and discover how to minimise your charging costs.

As London’s PCO car specialists, we’ve made the process easy for you. 

Check out these five charging hacks that can help you reduce your charging costs to 10-15% less than running a petrol hybrid.

1. Save £7.36 with BP Pulse and Uber Pro

Thanks to a partnership between Uber and bp pulse, you can get numerous perks based on your Uber Pro ranking. BP pulse also offers now reduced charging rates for Ultra-fast charging points across their entire network.

  • Save up to £7.36 per month on a BP Pulse subscription 
  • Earn up to £20 monthly charging credit 
  • Free access to Park Lane charging hub for 60 minutes
  • Charge your car with ultra-fast chargers from 44p/kWh

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2. Save over 50% with

If you live in South London or parts of North London, you’re in luck! offers some of the best charging rates on the market without having to join any subscription plan. 

  • Charge your car between 12 am-7 am with only 39p/kWh 
  • The day charging tariff is 60p/kWh 
  • No connection charge 

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3. Save 4p/kWh with ubitricity

Despite many companies increasing charging prices, ubitricity actually dropped their prices by 4p/kWh and removed peak charging rates.

  • Charge your EV for 37p/kWh between 7am – midnight
  • Charge your EV for 40p/kWh between midnight – 7am

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4. Save up to 15% with Bonnet

Bonnet is an aggregator app that means you can charge with lots of different companies in one location and choose the best fares. 

  • Become a Bonnet member for just £8 per month 
  • Get up to 15% off charging with ESB, Shell Recharge, Ionity, GeniePoint, source London, MFG, Osprey and more 
  • Get access to over 15,000 charging points in the UK using only the Bonnet App 

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5. Save up to 24% on a home charger

At home charging continues to be the most cost-effective way of charging your EV.  

  • Save up to 24% on a home charger with Wallbox
  • Save up to £90 on a home charger with Pod Point
  • Save up to £50 on the smallest and fastest home charger EO

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Bonus hack. Charge your EV at home from 7.5p/kWh

The cost of charging at home is the most cost effective way to drive Uber. Energy companies offer a range of deals to attract drivers to switch their energy usage over. Here are some of the best deals on offer. 

  • Charge your EV at home from 7.5p/kWh rate with Octopus energy for up to six hours every night  
  • Charge your EV at home from 10p/kWh rate with Ovo energy for off peak rate
  • Charge your EV at home from 9.5p/kWh rate with e.on engergy for off peak rate
  • Charge your EV at home from 9.4p/kWh rate with British Gas for off peak rate
  • Charge your EV at home from 8p/kWh rate with EDF energy for off peak rate

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