Our On-demand ridesharing news July 2023 summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in July.

The ULEZ expands to cover all London in August 

Since air pollution is still a significant issue in London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will expand to cover the entire Greater London starting August 29, 2023. Now, drivers of non-ULEZ-compliant cars will have to pay the daily £12.50 charge when driving anywhere in London. Switch to an ULEZ-compliant car and save up to £370 each month. 

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Hacks to reduce your EV charging costs  

Rideshare drivers across London are feeling the pinch due to the latest increase in charging prices, but we’re here to help you spare some cash. We’ve made a list of tips and hacks to reduce your charging costs by up to 50%. 

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Why you should switch to a PHEV for UberXL 

Driving for Uber XL is more profitable if you switch to a PHEV – no ULEZ charge, lower fuel costs, and superior comfort. With impressive fuel efficiency, a smart seating system and huge storage space, the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV Premium is the ideal car for Uber XL. Enquire now to drive the Santa Fe PHEV and earn up to 60% more than UberX per ride. 

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What health condition should you declare to DVLA? 

All drivers who develop a medical condition or disability affecting their ability to drive safely must declare it to DVLA and avoid paying fines of up to £1,000 or even getting their licence suspended. We’ve made a list of all the health conditions and the circumstances you need to declare them. 

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