Choosing the right car for on-demand driving is enough to make your head spin. Let alone, the right car provider. Especially if you’re new to the world of ridesharing and on-demand delivery jobs.

This is why we’ve put together a few important points that will help you draft an idea about the industry and get you the best deal for your driving goals.

At Splend we offer two types of plans. The Flexi plan gives you the option to try out the models on offer, drive around, and start earning through ridesharing. The next step is the Flexi own plan, which gives you the obvious benefit of owning the car by the end of the agreement, and more.

Here’s how you can save over £300 when you get started on our Flexi own plan

Splend Other providers
Joining fee
(aka. non-refundable deposit)
£199 ∼£500 (average)
Included replacement parts 10 tyres
4 sets of front brake pads
2 sets of front brake discs
1 set of windscreen wiper blades
Not included
Insurance Comprehensive cover for business and day-to-day driving Depends on provider
Dedicated support and driver training Yes Depends on provider

As you can see, there are many advantages to joining Splend’s Flexi own plan, not just the upfront saving.

If you prefer the Flexi plan, here’s what we offer

Splend Other providers
Joining fee(aka. non-refundable deposit) £199 ∼£250 (average)
Maintenance Scheduled maintenance included Depends on provider
Insurance Yes Depends on provider
Dedicated support and driver training Yes Depends on provider

Kickstarting your career as a driver can be frustrating. There’s lots of paperwork and legislation. We help you stand out and get ahead of the competition, and most importantly, focus on what you do best: drive.

We’re your wingman. We’ll set you up with the wheels and continued support to make sure you succeed. We help drivers manage their careers, up their ratings, and enjoy their jobs.


Not a Splend member yet?

Sign up for our Flexi or Flexi own plans
and drive away with an Uber-ready hybrid or electric car


About Splend

We’re car subscription specialists enabling on-demand drivers to make money by driving. Our vision is a future where every on-demand driver can be successful.

We can set you up with a brand-new or new-model car on a Flexi own plan, and provide the training and support you need to become a more profitable, safer, and fulfilled driver.

Don’t take our word for it—Uber drivers rate us excellent on Trustpilot.

Come and say hello at our Member Support Centre at 393 Edgware Road Cricklewood, London,  email us, or say hello on 0333 016 4331

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