In the space of just four days, Mr Mylvaganam went from driving his 64-plate diesel car to a brand-new 23-plate EV with Splend. He also saved over £8,000 in the process! 

Here’s how he did it. 

I received an email from Uber on Friday about EV Boost, and I filled out the form, then I got a call and I’m here today. It was very quick! It’s fantastic, I’m really happy! I thought the waiting time for an EV would be three months. But this is within four days I’ve got a new VW ID.3.

EV Boost is an exclusive Splend offer that doubles the EV Assistance for Uber drivers. Mr Mylvaganam had over £2,000 of EV Assistance, which Splend doubled to £4,000. 

But the savings didn’t stop there. 

Mr Mylvaganam also part-exchanged his existing 64-plate diesel car for just under £4,000. He gets this amount as credit upfront, meaning he won’t pay for his Splend EV for 17 weeks! 

When asked about switching from a diesel to an EV, Mr Mylvaganam again pointed to the savings. 

I’m excited I can work with Uber and not pay for Congestion Charge and ULEZ Charge.

That’s a saving of £27.50 per day, or £192.50 per week! There is also the fuel savings of switching from diesel to electric. 

Mr Mylvaganam is an experienced driver and knows how important reliability is for Uber, which is why he went for the VW ID.3. 

I’ve been driving Uber for six years and I’ve always driven a Volkswagen, there is nothing that goes wrong.

When asked about his advice for other drivers considering EV Boost, his message was simple. 

Go for it. You’re doubling your Uber EV Assistance, so just go for it.

Owning an EV is now more affordable than ever!

We double your Uber EV assistance to reduce the cost of a brand-new EV

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