On-demand driving updates – December 2020

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In our monthly news summary, we pull together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what’s happened in December:

TfL offers free face coverings and hand sanitiser

A total of 1.5 million masks and 30,000 bottles of Dettol sanitiser are being distributed to drivers by the TfL. It’s first come first serve and you can pick yours up from sites including London Underground and other car parks throughout the capital.

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Private hire drivers to be considered for early COVID vaccination

Private hire drivers will ‘absolutely’ be considered for early coronavirus vaccination says Health Minister.

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200,000 free rides and 80,000 free meals for NHS to drive Uber demand over Christmas

To help keep the NHS on the move this Christmas, Uber is committing up to 200,000 free rides and over 80,000 free meals through Uber Eats. Make sure you’re on the road between 23-27 December 2020 to cash in on the bonanza.

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Staying mentally well this winter

With the cold weather, limited sunshine and the on-going pandemic it’s more than ever to be aware of your mental health. The Government has prepared this document to help you stay mentally well this winter.

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Green plates to make parking cheaper for EVs

The first electric vehicles (EVs) will be given green number plates from Tuesday, December 8, with the Government suggesting the move could unlock incentives for drivers and fleets.

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The lockdown ends soon – What to expect in ridesharing and how can you maximise your earnings

At the end of November, the UK Government announced that the second national lockdown will end at midnight on Wednesday the 2nd of December. Find out what this means for rideshare drivers and how they can look too maximise earnings.

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Third SEISS grant opened – who can claim and what’s required?

Rideshare drivers can now claim the third SEISS installment before the 29th of January 2021.

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Want to earn money between your shifts?

Which.co.uk has identified eight smartphone apps that provide you with an easy way earn money between your on-demand shifts.

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Winter driving tips – how to stay safe over the colder months

Statistics show that there are more accidents on the road in Winter. Therefore, be prepared by reading these helpful winter driving tips.

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