In our monthly On-demand Driving News – September 2020 summary. We’ve pull together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what’s happened in September:

Green areas in London with a high risk of getting a PCN

With the increasing efforts to make London’s air healthier, more and more areas in the city are seeing traffic restrictions. While this is good news, the changes might also bring some unwelcome surprises in the shape of PCNs, short for Penalty Charge Notice.

Click below to see which are the top green areas in London with a high risk of getting a PCN.

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How to use the air conditioning system in your car? 

We all know that your car’s AC adds to your fuel consumption, so many drivers only use it in the summer months. However, that small cost is worth it in the long run.

Using your air conditioning regularly saves you a ton on maintenance. Remember, time wasted at the service means lost earnings, so we put together a quick guide on how to use it with some best practices for you to follow.

London’s most popular rideshare apps

At Splend we encourage our customers to sign up to multiple rideshare apps. That way you can increase your exposure and your chances to receive ride requests.

Here’s a comparison between the most popular rideshare apps in London, with all the pros and cons.

day in the life of a PCO driver

You can use your splend car for Uber, Ola, Bolt, FreeNow, or even to do courier work, such as package and food deliveries.

We had a chat with Tiago, an experienced private hire driver and a long time Splend customer. He’s signed up with four on-demand apps, and he’s shared some tips with us. Find out how much he earns below.

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The NHS has launched the COVID-19 app

The NHS has launched the official COVID-19 contact tracing app across England and Wales. The app helps you find out when you’ve been near other app users who have tested positive for Coronavirus, and also the risk level in your postcode district.

Moreover, it helps you read about any symptoms and order a test if needed. Apart from English, it’s available in more languages including Turkish, Romanian, Arabic, and Urdu.

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