Our monthly On-demand news – March 2023 summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in March.

Boost your rideshare career with the award-winning MG4

Want to step up your driving game? Get your hands on the MG4, the first fully-electric hatchback from MG. This top-spec model has already won 15 awards, including the UK Car of the year 2023. Find out why the MG4 is the ideal choice for rideshare driving.  

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Learn how you can benefit from switching to an EV

If you’re considering switching to an EV, 2023 is the perfect year for this step. By doing the switch now, you get numerous benefits, from lower fuel and maintenance costs to financial incentives and traffic charge exemptions, helping you increase your rideshare profits.  

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Get free or discounted parking for your EV in London

Driving an EV in London has many perks, including getting free or discounted resident parking permits in most London boroughs. Find out what discounts your borough offers and how to get a parking permit.  

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Get a £200 reward for each friend you bring to Splend

If you’re happy with Splend and want your friends or family to enjoy the same benefits, share your unique experience and personalised code with them, and we’ll reward you with £200. 

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How does the UK number plates system work?

If you’re new to driving in the UK, the number plates system might confuse you. As complicated as it could initially seem, once explained, you’ll quickly get your head around it. Find out how to identify when and where a car was first registered using its plate number.  

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