We give you more than a set of wheels. We’ll help steer your career. The car rental and ownership plans we provide are just part of the story. With Splend you can boost your rideshare income by telling your friends about your work and pointing them to us.

Build a new revenue stream with referral bonuses

Perhaps you know someone looking for a flexible income opportunity or another rideshare driver who wants to upgrade to a new-model car. Or maybe you already told your friends about your work and some of them are considering to follow in your footsteps.

If all they need is a little encouragement, introduce us and we reward you both.

Here’s how it works

All Splend members are eligible to participate in the referral program. You can collect a £100 bonus for each person you refer if they sign up to our PCO car rental or Rent to buy plan. You receive the £100 payment six weeks into your friend’s Splend membership.

The person you refer also receives a £29 discount on their one-off joining fee.

For you to get the bonus and for your friend to have the discount, your friend needs to quote your unique referral code. You received it when you first signed up, but if you’re having trouble finding it, just check your Splend app or reach out to your Member Success Representative.

Don’t forget that you can only refer new members. In other words, if your friend had previously had a contract with Splend, we can’t consider them a referral.

See the full terms and conditions of the referral program

Unlimited bonuses – Refer as many friends as you want, anytime

Bonuses are generally associated with a pleasant, but rather insignificant event that doesn’t happen all too often anyway. With Splend, you can consider these bonuses a serious supplement to your rideshare income. Think of it this way:

  • If you refer 5 friends, you could receive up to £500
  • If you refer 10 friends, you could receive up to £1,000
  • If you refer 20 friends, you could receive up to £2,000

The bottom line is, if you actively seek these opportunities, you can easily build a solid revenue stream. We don’t have a limit on the number of people you can refer, as long as you only refer people you personally know.

Not sure how to get started? Check out one of our members’ tips on maximising your referral income.

Also check out our blog post where we compare the most popular gig jobs you can do with just your car.

About Splend

We enable people to make money by driving. Our vision is a future where every on-demand driver can be successful.

We are Rent to buy specialists. Don’t take our word for it—drivers rate us excellent on Trustpilot. We can set you up with a brand-new or new-model car on a Rent to buy plan, plus we provide the training and support you need to become an Uber driver that’s more profitable, safer, and fulfilled.

Drop by our Member Support Centre at 393 Edgware Road Cricklewood, Londonemail us, or say hello on 0333 016 4331