Bring a friend to Splend and boost your earnings with a sweet referral bonus!

Splend Referral Program
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We take pride in offering flexible income opportunities, but the car rental and ownership plans we provide are just part of the story. With Splend you can supplement your rideshare income by telling your friends about your work and referring them to us.

Build an additional revenue stream with referral bonuses

Perhaps you know someone looking for a flexible income opportunity or another rideshare driver who wants to upgrade to a new-model vehicle. Or maybe you already told your friends about your work and some of them are already considering to follow in your footsteps.

If all they need is a little encouragement, you can refer them to Splend and we reward you both!

How Splend’s referral program works

All Splend Members are eligible to participate in the referral program. You can receive £100 for each person you refer, provided they become a Splend Member. You receive the £100 payment six weeks into your referee’s membership with Splend.

The person you refer to us also receives a £29 discount on their one-off Splend Membership fee. To access this discount, they need to quote the unique referral code that you received when you first signed up. If you are having trouble finding it, just reach out to your Member Success Representative.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget that you can only refer new Members. In other words, if your friend had previously had a contract with Splend, we cannot register them as a referral.

See the full terms and conditions of the referral program.

Unlimited bonuses – Refer as many friends as you want, anytime

Bonuses are generally associated with a pleasant, but rather insignificant event that doesn’t happen all too often anyway. With Splend, you can consider these bonuses a serious supplement to your rideshare income – think of it this way:

  • If you refer 5 friends, you could receive up to £500
  • If you refer 10 friends, you could receive up to £1,000
  • If you refer 20 friends, you could receive up to £2,000

The bottom line is, if you actively seek these opportunities, you can easily build a solid revenue stream, since we don’t have a limit on the number of people you can refer, as long as you only refer people you personally know.

Not sure how to get started? Check out what one of our Members does in order to maximise his referral income.

About Splend

Splend is the global leader in providing flexible vehicle access and ownership in the UK, Australia, Canada and Mexico. In addition to Rent and Rent-to-Buy options, Splend also offers its Members ongoing rideshare training, support, and data-driven feedback via a personal Member Success Representative. Our Members also receive some fantastic Member Benefits including discounts from our partners!

For more information about Splend, give our team a call on 0333 444 0533 or email us.