Since 2020, Uber has only one remaining office in London, the Uber Greenlight Hub and aims to offer support to their driver partners more via their website or phone line.

As a general rule, Uber is now pushing most communication via the Uber Driver app. Whether you want to become an Uber driver or you’re looking for support as a registered driver, the app is your main tool for signing up and getting in touch.

If you want to join Uber in London

1. Download the Uber Driver app

This is where most of the sign-up process happens. Sign up with a new account by filling in the registration form with your name, email address, phone number, and London as the city you want to drive in.

Download Uber Driver for iOS

Download Uber driver for Android

You can also create a new account on the Uber website, but you will still need the app for the rest of the sign-up process.

2. Upload required documents

Depending on the type of licence you have – PCO licence or simple drivers’ licence, the next step is to upload all the required documents for both you and your car. The app describes exactly what papers you need and how to upload them correctly.

How to upload documents

3. Complete an online Uber information session

You’ll learn about driver requirements, fares, earnings, as well as security and community guidelines. The session takes about one hour to complete.

You must have a PCO licence before completing the online information session.

5. Book an in-person onboarding session at the Uber Greenlight Hub in London

After completing the short online course, you need to book and participate in an in-person onboarding session at the Uber Greenlight Hub in London. This is the point where Uber approves your account, validates your documentation and takes your driver’s picture. Once Uber checks and confirms everything, you’re ready to hit the road and start earning.

You can book the in-person appointment at the Uber Greenlight Hub from the Uber driver app, in the Help section.
The remaining Uber Greenlight Hub in London is located in Building 2, Moretown, 4 Thomas More St, London E1W 1YW.


If you’re already an Uber driver in London

If you need help with anything, here’s how you can get support from Uber:

  • Via the Uber Driver app

This is the easiest and fastest way to get in touch with Uber directly. From the Help section of the app, Call Support is available daily from 6 AM – 10 PM.

  • In-person appointment at the Uber Greenlight Hub

For specific issues only, you can book an appointment from the Help section in the app.

  • On the Uber website

Check the Help section and see all the FAQs before submitting your own question.

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