Air pollution affects thousands of Londoners each year, and one of the key contributors to poor air quality is vehicle tailpipe emissions. Although the authorities have made considerable efforts to reduce vehicles’ emissions and improve air quality, additional measures are being taken since air pollution remains an issue.  

To help clean London’s air, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023.

What area does the extended ULEZ cover?

Currently, the ULEZ covers all areas within the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205).   

Starting August 29, 2023, the ULEZ will cover all 33 boroughs of Greater London, in some places bordering the M25. 

ULEZ expansion map

Extended ULEZ map – Source: TfL

Is there anything else changing about the ULEZ charge?

Yes. The penalty charge for not paying the ULEZ charge will increase from £160 to £180 (reduced to £90 if you pay it within 14 days). 

The daily £12.50 charge you must pay and the emission standards your car must meet to be exempt from paying the ULEZ charge remain unchanged.   

Who needs to pay the ULEZ charge?

Anyone who drives a vehicle that doesn’t meet the emission standards within the ULEZ, including the expanding areas starting 29 August 2023, must pay the £12.50 daily ULEZ charge. This includes the residents of ULEZ. 

You don’t have to pay the ULEZ charge if your car is parked within the ULEZ and you don’t drive it. 

The ULEZ charge applies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, except Christmas Day (25th of December). 

What are the ULEZ emission standards?

To be exempt from paying the ULEZ charge, your car must meet the following emission standards: 

  • Petrol cars (including petrol-hybrid) – Euro 4 or higher 
  • Diesel cars (including diesel-hybrid) – Euro 6 or higher 

As a rule of thumb, if your petrol car was manufactured after January 2006, it is likely to be ULEZ compliant. If your diesel car was manufactured after September 2016, it is likely to be ULEZ compliant. 

TIP: Plug-in hybrids and fully-electric cars meet the ULEZ emission standards and don’t have to pay the ULEZ charge. 

See if your car is ULEZ-compliant

What should you do if your car is no longer ULEZ-compliant?

As an Uber driver, paying £87.50 every week without any compensation makes it hard to stay in a non-ULEZ-compliant car.

The good news is that switching to an electric vehicle, entirely exempt from paying the ULEZ or Congestion Charge, is now more affordable than ever.  

Uber continues to add new incentives to make EVs more accessible to their drivers.

Selling your existing car is also a good idea, focusing on areas outside London where drivers are more likely to buy it and pay the highest amount.  

A hassle-free option to consider is part-exchanging your old PCO car for a brand-new EV.

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