Our monthly news summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in June.

Mr Mylvaganam saved over £8,000 with EV Boost and part-exchange 

In just four days, Mr Mylvaganam went from driving his 64-plate diesel car to a brand-new 23-plate EV with Splend, saving over £8,000 in the process. How did he do it? He part-exchanged his existing car for £4,000 and, through the EV Boost offer, Splend doubled his £2,000 Uber EV Assistance to £4,000, totalling over £8,000 saved towards paying for a brand-new VW ID.3. 

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Switch to an EV and take advantage of all the benefits that come with it 

If you want to switch to an electric car, there’s never been a better time. As an EV driver in London in 2023, there are many great benefits that can help you increase your rideshare income — ULEZ and Congestion Charge exemption, lower fuel costs, less maintenance and numerous Uber incentives.  

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Tips for staying safe when driving at night 

Driving during the night is common among rideshare drivers, many prefer to do so as the roads are often clearer. However, driving throughout the night does come with several risks you need to know how to prevent. 

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Why it’s worth buying a premium car 

Driving a premium car is more than having an upscale and unique experience. It can also help on-demand drivers boost their earnings. With a premium car, you’re eligible for Uber Comfort rides, have more chances to get 5-star ratings and tips, and offer your passengers a remarkable ride experience. 

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