As another initiative to help our drivers thrive, in August 2021 we launched our Monthly rewards program.

To be eligible for the £500 monthly prize, customers are ranked for behaviours such as driving score, payment history, connection via the Splend app, as well as feedback from the Splend team.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the first edition of the Monthly rewards program is Jaseem.

He had the best driving score of all Splend drivers, and we wanted to know what was the secret to his fantastic score.

It’s actually easy, I just pay attention to the road, and put safety first. There are customers who want me to go faster, but I always follow the speed limit and only stop at safe spots. After all, it’s about offering a service that is safe for everyone: customers, myself, and the car.

When we asked him how he’ll use the extra £500, he kept things very simple.

I’m just going to keep working as I always have and save up for a rainy day.

As a veteran of the ride-hailing industry, Jaseem took some time off during the pandemic. But as London is slowly going back to normal, he’s also returned to the industry.

After the lockdown, I was happy to return to Splend in May. I never had any issues with Splend. Everything you need is in the app, and whenever I contact my Customer Specialist, they sort it out.

About Splend

Splend is more than a set of wheels. We’ll help steer your career.

In addition to providing you with the most important tool in your career as a rideshare driver, we also offer ongoing training, support, and data-driven feedback via your personal Customer Specialist. You also enjoy a growing array of customer benefits including discounts from our partners.

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