Over the last years, the fastest growing segment of the on-demand industry has been package delivery. There are several high-profile platforms to earn an income with, such as Amazon Flex.

Becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver in London is easy, especially because Amazon is constantly looking for new drivers and are keeping things simple for those who want to get started. However, a crucial aspect of getting started is insurance. Whether you use your personal car for Amazon Flex deliveries or go for a PCO cars for hire plan or a rent to own car, it’s mandatory to have a proper insurance cover.

What insurance do I need for Amazon Flex?

If you use your personal car to make deliveries, you’ll need to have the usual personal auto insurance – Social, Domestic & Pleasure Insurance. This covers personal use of the car, for things like driving to shops or commuting to work.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you’re classed as a self-employed driver performing commercial activities. This means you use your own car to make deliveries and it’s also your responsibility to get insured with a commercial insurance policy – called Hire & Reward to protect you while driving for delivery work.

The Amazon FAQ page states that your car needs business class 3 or commercial car insurance issued in the UK to be accepted for Amazon Flex. However, the definition of business class 3 insurance (defined as an insurance for someone travelling between business locations) varies from insurer to insurer and may not cover delivery for Amazon Flex specifically.

Therefore, a Hire & Reward insurance policy would be the best idea, because it covers all commercial delivery work.

Does Amazon Flex UK provide insurance for its drivers?

Yes. Amazon Flex provides drivers with a commercial policy for free, but it strongly advises them to keep their personal auto insurance if they use their own car to make deliveries.

This is because some personal insurance policies prohibit drivers from using their cars for any kind of courier work. This also means that every time you use your car for Amazon Flex, your personal insurance is voided. Having a commercial policy adds extra protection against that and is also in compliance with Amazon Flex requirements.

Amazon provides the Amazon Flex Auto Policy, which includes motorist coverage, auto liability coverage, as well as contingent comprehensive and collision coverage, but only if they’re using Amazon Flex to pick up, deliver, and return packages.

What does the Amazon Flex insurance cover?

As this is meant to protect you only while doing deliveries for Amazon Flex, it covers:

  • Damages caused while driving to third parties when you’re working for Amazon
  • Damages to your car while you’re working for Amazon.

Amazon Flex insurance does not cover:

  • Social, Domestic & Pleasure driving
  • Incidents that happen while you lend your car to someone else
  • Carriage of passengers for reward (this includes ridesharing)

It’s important to understand how Amazon defines when you are and not working for them. According to nimblefins.co.uk, your coverage starts when you arrive at the depot to collect packages from them and ends either when you successfully finish your final delivery or when you’ve returned to the depot to return any undelivered goods. If an accident occurs in between these times, then you’re covered by Amazon.

At the same time, if does not cover the commute between home to depot and last delivery to home, so make sure your Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance does.

How much does Amazon Flex insurance cost?

It depends. When insurance companies provide you with a quote, they look at the type of car you drive, where you drive, and what you will be using it for. They also consider driving history and any previous insurance claims.


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