Amazon has become synonymous with fast growth and has even replaced Apple as the highest-valued brand in the world. Even the pandemic hasn’t stopped Amazon, with millions of people turning to the online giant to ensure they always have everything they need.

With orders booming, Amazon continues to look for new delivery drivers for its Amazon Flex platform. Check out our Flexi plan for a flexible car subscription tailored for deliveries and rideshare work.

Amazon Flex pays delivery drivers in hourly blocks, so you can plan your week ahead and know exactly how much you’ll earn delivering parcels. If you drive Uber or do other on-demand driving, you can choose the blocks when you know demand will be low and maximise your income.

Here’s what you need to get started with Amazon Flex:

Amazon delivery driver requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Full UK driving licence
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Clean criminal record and driving check
  • An Android or iOS phone (must have a flash, GPS location services, and a SIM card)

These are more or less similar with the driver requirements for most rideshare apps, with the exception of the age, which is minimum 21 years in ridesharing. If you’re 21 or older and you’re looking for an on-demand driving job or for jobs similar to Amazon Flex, you might find this London rideshare app comparison useful too.

Amazon Flex car requirements

To deliver packages from the Amazon Logistics stations, you’ll need a midsize car or larger with at least 4 doors.

To deliver Amazon Prime Now packages, you can use any vehicle that you’re legally allowed to drive, including motorcycles or bikes.

Amazon Flex FAQ

What insurance do I need for Amazon delivery driving?

Your car needs business class 3 or commercial car insurance issued in the UK to be accepted for Amazon Flex.

Does Amazon cover the cost or Congestion Charge, ULEZ, and tolls?

No, it’s your responsibility as a driver to pay the Congestion Charge, ULEZ, and any tolls.

When does Amazon pay its delivery drivers?

Amazon Flex pays on Wednesdays for all deliveries completed during the previous seven days.

How much do Amazon delivery drivers earn?

Because of the very flexible nature of the job, it’s difficult to estimate a weekly or even a daily amount, but it’s safe to say that £18-£24 per hour (gross) is achievable with Amazon Flex.

One of our members, Richie was kind enough to share his experiences driving Amazon Flex during the first lockdown in early 2020 and in the months leading up to it. Find out more in the blog post below:

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