If you plan on learning how to become an Uber driver, it’s also important to know the risks of this job and how to keep them as low as possible. Spending many hours on the road, you expose yourself to the potential risk of a collision. We never plan for an accident, but it’s essential to be prepared and know what to do in any eventuality.  

Here are the steps rideshare drivers should take when getting involved in an accident.

1. Make sure everyone is safe 

Firstly, check if anyone, including yourself, is injured or needs special care or medical attention. If so, call 999 and wait for the ambulance. 

2. Examine your vehicle’s condition

If everybody is safe, check your car and assess the damage. Take photos of the position of both cars, so there is clear evidence about the collision. 

3. Move your vehicle

After taking these photos and having proof of what happened, move your car to a safe location, turn your hazard lights on and switch off your engine.  

If the car is undriveable after the accident, put your hazard lights on and safely exit the car. If you’re a Splend customer, proceed to arrange recovery by calling 0333 016 4331, press option 3, then option 2 to get through to the recovery line. 

4. Gather information from the other driver/drivers involved

Talk to the other driver or drivers involved, exchange details and capture the following information: 

  • The vehicle registration of all vehicles involved, including a note of the vehicle’s make and model 
  • Third party’s name, contact details and address 
  • The exact time, date and location of the accident 
  • A brief description and a sketch of the incident whilst it’s in your recent memory, including all the information you can remember. This will make it easier to complete the Accident Report Form later 
  • The damage to both vehicles, the number of passengers in both cars and any injuries sustained. 

5. Check if there were any eyewitnesses

Look around you and ask if someone saw the incident and can provide witness details. If so, ask them for their name and phone number, hand them a piece of paper to note down what they saw and make sure it’s signed and dated. 

6. Report the incident and come for a vehicle inspection

Once you have gathered all the required information, please report the incident to your car subscription provider, if applicable.   

For Splend customers, please report the incident immediately to Zego on 0333 016 4331 and make your way to the Splend Cricklewood Hub for a vehicle inspection.  From there on, our team will assist you with all the paperwork and procedures.  

TIP: Splend customers can get a replacement car* while waiting for their car to be fixed, so they can get back on the road and earning. 

*Subject to availability 

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