A day in the life of a Splend driver – Introducing flexibility champion Olivier

In the second edition of our new blog series we have the pleasure to take you on a shotgun ride with Olivier, a PCO driver that really knows how to adapt and overcome.

Olivier juggles multiple on-demand delivery and rideshare platforms in London to earn an income. He joined the Splend community in February and chose to drive a Kia Niro on our Flexi own plan, which allows him to channel part of his earnings towards owning his car.

Shortly after joining Splend, the Government announced the national COVID-19 lockdown, and the rideshare industry slowed considerably. At this time, Olivier got an email from us with some handy tips on how to diversify his driving activity and maximise his income. We presented him with some on-demand delivery platforms to sign up to in addition to the rideshare apps he was already driving for.

Olivier took this advice to heart and joined several delivery platforms, including Amazon Flex, Just Eats, and Deliveroo.

Armed with the new delivery and rideshare apps on his smartphone, Olivier managed to not only keep the money coming in during the lockdown, but also to maximise his earnings once the restrictions were lifted.

Olivier found that Amazon Flex was the most lucrative of these platforms. When working around the peak rideshare demand, he delivers about 10 parcels per hour and earns between £40 – £70 in 3-5 hours. His Niro proved to be a good fit for this kind of job too, as it has enough boot space to keep him busy for a good couple of hours in one go.

When asked about his experience at Splend so far, Olivier really appreciated the financial support during the COVID-19 lockdown as well as the fact that he could always rely on the customer service team.

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