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Switch, Drive, Earn - A free 48 hour test drive

No strings attached! Get behind the wheel of an EV for 48 hours at Splend. Charge up your earnings and discover the convenience of electric driving on Uber.

How the 48-hour test drive works

Earn £700 in 450 trips when you switch to an EV before 31st Decemeber 2023.

And yes! Any trips you take in your 48-hour test drive counts towards this.

Splend is an approved Uber Partner

What's included in our ownership plans?

  • A modern EV
  • PHV Insurance
  • PHV Licence
  • PCO-approved courtesy car
  • Servicing and replacement parts
  • Car Tax and MOT
  • 4-week payment holiday every year
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Dedicated driver support
  • Flexibility, interest-free and a great alternative to car finance

Why Splend?

48-hour Test Drive FAQ

What is the 48-hour test drive at Splend?

The 48-hour test drive at Splend allows you to experience driving an electric vehicle (EV) on the Uber platform. It's a risk-free opportunity to see how an EV can benefit your ridesharing journey.

How do I book a test drive?

To book your test drive, click here. Select your location, choose a convenient time slot, provide your information, and a member of our expert team will be in touch to confirm your test drive.

Is there a cost associated with the test drive?

No, the 48-hour test drive at Splend is completely free. We provide you with the EV which includes your insurance. View full terms here.

What type of electric vehicles are available for the test drive?

We offer a range of electric vehicles suitable for Uber driving. You can choose from our available EV models once our team get in touch following your booking.

Do I need to have experience with electric vehicles to participate?

No, you don't need prior experience with EVs. We'll provide guidance on how to operate and charge the vehicle during your test drive.

How does charging work during the test drive?

We'll walk you through the charging process. You'll have access to charging stations, and we'll provide all the information you need to keep the EV charged.

Can I earn more with an EV on the Uber platform?

Yes, many drivers experience increased earnings with EVs due to lower operating costs and 10% higher earning potential from Uber Green.

What if I love the EV and want to switch to Splend permanently?

If you love the EV experience, you can easily switch to Splend for a greener future. We have EVs available and ready for drivers who want to get on the road to ownership. We'll assist you in making a seamless transition from your current vehicle to an electric one.

Are there any commitments or contracts after the test drive?

No, there are no commitments or contracts. The test drive is obligation-free. You can choose whether or not to continue with Splend.

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