No matter if you’re an experienced driver or just plan to become an Uber driver, we’re here to help you succeed on the road. Therefore, we decided to list the three most important things to remember as a Splend customer.

1. Drive within the speed limit

If you speed, you’re putting yourself, the general public, as well as your Splend car in harm’s way. Speeding is also a quick way to pick up multiple PCNs that chips away at your hard-earned income.

If you drive over the speed limit regularly, your car’s buzzer will be activated, and we might ask you to return your Splend car and cancel your subscription agreement.

2. Keep on top of your weekly payments

Your weekly payment is always due on the same day of the week, at the same time: on Wednesday at midnight. Send you your weekly invoice in advance on Mondays, which gives you more than 48 hours to get the funds ready on your nominated card. We charge a £19 late payment fee for any missed payments.

3. Report every accident, no matter how small

If you’re involved in an accident, you must report the accident to us, even if your car or the third party’s car isn’t badly damaged. The sooner you report an accident to us, the better your chances are to recover funds from the third party, so you’re not out of pocket for the insurance excess.

Here is what you should have in mind if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Collect evidence

Take as many pictures as you can at the scene of the accident. Document the state of all the cars involved, the condition of the road and any relevant traffic indicators. Take videos if necessary, and save the dashcam footage if you have one.

Obtain third party details

Fill in the accident card located in your glovebox with any relevant details of the other parties involved in the accident. These include licence plate numbers, names, contacts, and insurance details. If you can, have some witnesses fill in the document for a more accurate description of the accident.

Contact Splend immediately

We’ll take care of the rest of the procedure once you collected all the necessary details from the scene.

Once everyone is safe and you recorded everything on the spot, call your Customer Specialist and take the car into the London Hub. If your car’s damage is too severe, they’ll come to the scene to assist you.


About Splend

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We’re car subscription specialists. We can help you get started as an on-demand driver, and set you up with a brand-new or new-model car on our Flexi or Flexi own plans. We also provide the training and support you need to become a more profitable, safer, fulfilled driver.

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