If you want to become an Uber driver in London and earn a flexible income, apart from preparing your PCO licence application, a crucial condition is that your car meets all official Uber car requirements.

Want to become an Uber driver? Learn which are the Uber driver requirements, how much Uber drivers earn and how much Uber Eats drivers make in London.

The general Uber car requirements in the UK are not very difficult to meet. In London, however, the requirements for Uber cars are slightly stricter, as they must have a valid PHV licence, granted by TfL, which has its own conditions.

Uber car requirements in 2023

We made a checklist of 5 essential Uber car requirements in London, which cover both Uber and TfL’s specifications.

1. Car model

Not all car models are accepted for ridesharing in London. Your car must meet the following requirements:

  • Model year in line with local licensing authority requirements
  • 4-door car with independently opening doors
  • Licensed to carry a minimum of 4 passengers.

Popular electric models on the streets of London include the spacious Kia Niro 2 EV or the Congestion Charge-exempt MG5 EV.

Requirements also depend on what type of ride you want to offer. For example, UberX requires 5 seats and 4 doors, UberXL requires 7 seats and 4 doors, and so on.

If your car doesn’t meet the requirements, you can opt for rental or rent to buy cars. Check Splend’s list of available cars.

You can also use your Uber Clean Air EV Assistance to get a discount on an Uber car rental plan.

2. Emission requirements

This is one of the most important requirements your car has to meet. Since 1 January 2023 TfL requires all private hire vehicles licensed for the first time to meet new emission requirements:

  • Zero Emission Capable (ZEC)
  • Meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

TIP:  All fully electric models will meet the new licensing requirements,.

Read TfL emission requirements for PHVs

3. Appearance

Besides the fact that your car should be in good condition, according to TfL, your car should:

  • be in good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • not look like a licensed taxi (like a black cab, for example)
  • not be commercially branded
  • not be salvaged or rebuilt car

You can still make some modifications to your car’s appearance, like adding a partition screen, an incident recording device, or even an electronic payment device. However, they all have to be within TfL’s guidelines.

Read TfL guidelines

4. Right-hand drive only

TfL doesn’t licence left-hand drive cars, so you can only use your car if the steering wheel is on the right-hand side. If needed, it’s possible to convert your car to a right-hand drive, but it’s not only a complex procedure, it’s also pretty expensive.

5. Valid PHV licence

When you want to become an Uber driver in London, having a valid PHV licence for your car is a must. It goes hand in hand with the PCO licence for you, as a driver. All Splend cars have a valid TfL PHV licence, are new-model and Uber-ready, so you don’t have to worry about any of the car paperwork.

Zero emissions and no more Congestion Charge!

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What is the oldest car allowed for Uber?

The oldest cars allowed to drive for Uber can only provide Uber’s standard services, UberX and Uber XL, and must be 10 years old or newer.

Does Uber provide a car?

No. It’s your responsibility to have an eligible car to drive for Uber. However, Uber partners with vehicle solution companies like Splend to offer their drivers flexible access to Uber-ready cars.

At Splend, we offer two all-inclusive car subscription plans, Flexi and Flexi own,  tailored for rideshare drivers, providing you everything you need to get on the road and start earning.

Is my car good enough for Uber?

If your car meets all Uber’s requirements, it’s suitable for Uber driving.

Check if your car model is eligible for Uber in London

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