What makes the best cars for driving Uber in the UK? Fuel consumption, comfort, safety, reliability and even interior design and boot space — there’s a lot to consider. If you want to become an Uber driver in London, choosing the best car can be a challenging decision, one that you should take time for.

What do the best Uber cars have in common?

Here is what you need to consider when choosing a car for Uber driving:

  • Low running costs – as a rideshare driver who’s main objective is to make a profit by driving, fuel economy should be your highest priority
  • Low or fixed-price maintenance costs – servicing your car can be pricey, so look for models with affordable maintenance costs
  • Strong resale value – some car models depreciate less than others, so also consider this aspect 
  • Plenty of space – your passengers’ and your own comfort are crucial for a pleasant experience
  • Affordable rideshare insurance – the cost of PHV insurance depends on car model, among others, so do some research on this.

Best cars for Uber

Starting January 1st 2023, TfL introduced new emission standards for PHVs licensed in London for the first time.

To get the PHV licence, your car must be Zero Emission Capable and meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

EVs and hydrogen cars are fully compliant with these new requirements. EVs are cars with one or multiple electric motors which use energy stored in rechargeable batteries. They don’t have internal combustion engines and they can only be recharged via an external source of electricity, such as a wall socket or a charging station.

With the new TfL emission requirements and all the benefits EV drivers have in London, electric cars are definitely the best option for Uber drivers.

With the UK’s growing EV charging infrastructure and latest improvements on battery life, now is the ideal context to switch to an electric car. Driving an EV is also cheaper in the long run — fuel costs are lower and EVs are exempt from paying the London ULEZ charge and Congestion charge.  The Clean Air EV Assistance plan also helps you get a discount on an Uber car rental plan.


Owning an EV is now more affordable than ever

We’re doubling your Uber EV Assistance to reduce the cost of a brand-new EV


Here are some of the most popular EVs among Uber drivers and what makes them the best cars for Uber driving.

Volkswagen ID.3

Awarded the “Best electric family car” by What Car? in 2021, this EV stands out thanks to its innovative features and the low carbon footprint generated during the manufacturing process. The ID.3 is a sleek, smart and compact electric car. Its best feature might be the keyless advanced system — when you get closer to the car, it recognizes your movement and automatically unlocks.



Cost: from £35,505

WLTP range: 264 miles

Charging time: 80% charge in 35 minutes using a 100kW charger

Boot capacity: 385 litres

Other features: Keyless Advanced locking and starting system, adaptable ambient interior lighting, voice assistant

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Kia Niro 2 EV

The all-new Kia Niro has all the features that PCO drivers love about the previous model but comes with the new futuristic exterior and interior finish.  The Niro 2 EV comes with an impressive 285-mile range on a single charge, you could drive two consecutive days in the Niro 2 EV before needing to recharge. As for charging, you can fill up your Niro 2 EV in less than 40 minutes at any rapid charging station.

Kia Niro 2 EV

Cost: from £36,795

WLTP range: 285 miles

Charging time: 80% charge in 44 minutes using a 50kW ccs rapid charger

Boot capacity: 475 litres

Other features: Rear parking sensors, 11kW on-board charging, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

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Polestar 2 Single Motor Long Range

For the drivers who want to step up their game and offer their passengers an upscale premium experience, the Polestar 2 is an excellent choice. The Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor is more than just fine looks and style – its reliable 78kWh battery will get you through a whooping 341 miles WLTP range when fully charged. 

What truly sets apart the Polestar 2 from a standard EV is the sophisticated interior, high-quality details and premium features, such as dual-zone climate control, rain-sensing wipers, and a hands-free automatic boot. 

Cost: from £48,950

WLTP range: 341 miles

Charging time: 80% charge in 35 minutes with a 50kW rapid charger

Boot capacity: 405 litres

Other features: Keyless advanced locking & starting, adaptable ambient interior lighting, voice assistant, built-in Android-powered operating system

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The recently released MG4 is MG’s first full-electric hatchback car, taking the driving experience to a new level. Thanks to its advanced suite of driver assistance systems, the MG pilot, you get a safe and relaxing driving experience.

This car feels most at home while driving through the city, squeezing an impressive 281-mile range when driving in slow traffic. The MG4 EV is also suitable for long distances trips, thanks to its 281-mile WLTP range and a 35-minute only charging time. In terms of practicality, its generous 363-litre boot space, which fits five carry-ons, or two large suitcases, makes it ideal for airport trips.  


Cost: from £29,425

WLTP range: 281 miles (SE Long Range)

Charging time: 80% charge in 45 minutes using a 50kW ccs rapid charger

Boot capacity: 363 litres

Other features: Rear parking sensors, leather steering wheel, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Read more about the MG4 SE Long Range 


When you think of EVs, “generous size” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s mainly because electric cars have traditionally featured a compacted chassis to maximise driving range. The MG 5 EV breaks this mould.

With plenty of extra legroom and a generous boot space, the MG 5 EV is the perfect balance between reliability and comfort. It’s ideal both for offering your passengers a 5-stars Uber ride or if you want to work with delivery apps.

 If you’re worried about range anxiety, there is also the MG 5 EV Long Range version available. With a WLTP range of up to 250 miles, it’s enough to charge it just 3 times a week as a full-time driver. 



Cost: from £29,293

WLTP range: 214 miles (Standard), 250 miles (Long Range)

Charging time: 80% charge in 50 minutes using a 50kW ccs rapid charger

Boot capacity: 464 litres

Other features: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, rear parking camera, extra legroom

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EVs are steadily becoming more common, but some people are still pretty sceptical about them. While they’re cheap to run, they’re quite expensive to buy. That used to be the case, until elegant affordable models, like the MG ZS EV came along. Despite the attractive price, it’s not a stripped-down economy model. This SUV comes with a bunch of intelligent features, sleek looks, and comfortable interior.

Cost: from £29,093

WLTP range: 273 miles

Charging time: 80% charge in 63 minutes using a 50kW rapid charger

Boot capacity: 470 litres

Other features: keyless entry, auto air-conditioning, adaptive cruise control, leather-trimmed steering wheel.

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Hyundai IONIQ Electric 

Korean car companies are well known for their sleek electric car models and Hyundai is one of them. The award-winning IONIQ Electric is another example. This car stands under the concept of smart technology. It allows you to schedule charging, pre-heat the car, pre-determine destinations, find your car in a parking lot, and much more through Blue Link, Hyundai’s smartphone app. 


Cost: from £33,411

WLTP range: 193 miles

Charging time: 80% charge in 20 minutes with a 150kW rapid charger

Boot capacity: 443 litres

Other features: smart app Bluelink, heated leather-wrapped steering wheel, wireless phone charging pad, Infinity Sound System

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