Moving deeper into the year, we’d like to present Almor – winner of January’s Splend customer rewards program. Before he took home his £500 reward, we delved a little deeper into his story.

Almor has been a Splend customer since 2019. He proudly drives a Toyota Corolla Hybrid and is looking forward to owning it in a couple of years on the Flexi own plan. He’s motivated to be the best driver he can be and to ensure his success not only as a driver but also as a family provider.

A great driving score like his doesn’t come easy. When we asked him how he did it, he said:

I pay a lot of attention to the safety of both my car and my passengers because I think it’s a key part of being a good PCO driver. You never know what can happen, so I do my best to stay focused and take my time when driving around the city.

Almor decided to become an Uber driver at a strange time when the pandemic was just beginning to hit globally. But even when it did, he kept working through it all, because he knew how much it meant for him and his family.

Honestly, it was an extremely tough time for me and my loved ones. I have two children, so no matter what, I had to go out on the road and earn as much as I could for us to survive.

Knowing how difficult the last two years have been, this win was even more important to Almor, as he himself admits:

This came at a great time for me and it will certainly be a great help. Tonight, I am going to take my wife out for dinner to celebrate, which is something I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

We were very impressed with Almor’s strength and motivation and we wish him another successful year ahead with Splend.

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