Although debunked time and time again, there are still common myths about driving an EV that may seed doubt in your mind about getting one.

But if you take a good look at the facts and statistics, an electric PCO car is the smartest idea you can make nowadays. Here are just a few reasons to consider.

1. It’s affordable

A few years ago, EVs seemed to be drawn from the future. Today however, they’re increasingly popular and more affordable worldwide. Thanks to modern technology, a strong motivation for a cleaner environment, and a general sense of practicality, electric cars are now more affordable than ever.

Car providers and rideshare platforms are also on the motivation front-line, offering drivers financial incentives to make the switch.

Uber has teamed up with Splend to help drivers gain discounted access to an electric car through the Uber Clean Air Plan EV Assistance.

2. It saves you money

Being a successful rideshare driver goes beyond meeting the Uber driver requirements and car eligibility criteria — it’s about finding new ways to cut your expenses and become a more profitable Uber driver. With current fuel prices and running cost for any car in general, having an electric car is a no-brainer when it comes to economic efficiency. Not only do you reduce fuel and maintenance costs, but also the running costs that come with being a rideshare driver.

TIP: Electric cars are exempt from road taxes, as well as city taxes like the Congestion Charge and the ULEZ charge, which means daily savings for drivers.

This alone means a daily saving of £27.50, not to mention at least £30 per week saved on fuel costs. Whatsmore, considering how an EV implies less maintenance because there’s no oil change, filters, or exhaust system, that’s even more money tucked in your pocket in the long term.

But driving an EV is not just about keeping the money – it’s also about making more. With Uber Green, for example, drivers in London receive 10% more on each trip.

DID YOU KNOW? London is currently the global leader for Uber’s electrification efforts with more EVs on Uber in London than any other city on the app.

3. Charging is easier than you think

If you still think that living with an electric car means giving yourself anxiety about being left dry on the streets of London, think again. Although installing a home charging station is always an option, it’s probably not the most convenient if you live in an apartment building.

According to ZapMap, greater London has the most charging points in the UK – 14,000, followed by the South-East with 5,600 and Scotland with 4,000.

What’s even better is that new EV charging stations are constantly being installed across the city, so you can cross running out of juice off your worry list. Getting access to these stations is much easier now as well, thanks to the numerous EV charging apps that emerged. Check which are the best EV apps in London at the moment.

4. It attracts more riders

Many passengers would prefer an electric car over petrol for more than just environmental reasons – they find the experience delightful, even from the back seat.

Moreover, Uber Green has now rolled out across all of London, enabling passengers to request an EV for the same price as UberX.

5. The unique driving experience

Driving an EV is anything but boring. They’re so different that every trip is a joy, especially in a city like London.

On-road safety

An electric car doesn’t mean compromising on safety. In fact, some electric car models have been officially declared safer than petrol models. This is partially due to the more passenger-friendly use of space, a lower centre of gravity, and therefore more stability.

No pollution

You don’t have to be an environmental activist to understand the importance of a cleaner planet and a more sustainable way of living. By driving a car with zero CO2 emissions, you’re directly contributing to lowering the carbon footprint in your urban ecosystem.

Breathe easier

Harmful noxious gases released by burning fuels don’t only smell bad, but they’re extremely damaging for your health. Although you’re inhaling them daily, a growing use of electric cars on the streets can be one of the best alternatives for breathing cleaner air.

Enjoy the quiet

It’s sometimes dumbfounding how incredibly quiet EVs are, compared to petrol engine cars. If you’ve ever been in an EV, you know that it can turn a ride into a full sensory experience. It’s so smooth, relaxed and quiet to drive that it’s a delight not just for drivers, but for your passengers as well.

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