Driving safely during Ramadan

Driving safely during Ramadan
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Ramadan is a special month that many Muslims around the world look forward to. It also means a different daily schedule to the rest of the year. Early morning Suhur meal to start the day at one end and voluntary night prayers at the other.

We know many of you observe fasting and as time passes, you’ll be facing different challenges in Ramadan. We hope the following guide provides some useful tips to help to stay safe and thrive during this month

Week one

The first week is the toughest as you start adapting into your new routine. Take more and longer breaks than you normally would and kill the time with something that requires less concentration.

Check out the shopping and delivery platforms you can use to supplement your rideshare income. Onboarding takes a couple of weeks in some cases, which is perfect: you’ll be accustomed to your new routine by the time you get started, making it easier to take on a new challenge.

Week two

This is a good time to reflect on how you’ve been doing during your first week and adapt your routine wherever you feel it’s necessary. If you think you could use some feedback or just confirm your driving strategy, call your Member Success Representative – it’s their job to make sure you’re successful on the road.

Each of us adapts differently to change, if you’re still struggling to focus, take it easy and make sure you get enough sleep. There are a number of tricks you can try out on the road too. Check out one of our earlier posts on this subject:

Week three

By the third week of Ramadan, you’ll have set yourself into a good rhythm, and you’ll have been approved for all the delivery apps you’d signed up to. Since you probably won’t be as exhausted as during the first days, you may feel like driving to the CBD for lunchtime deliveries. You may also start getting rides during this time because office workers who didn’t self-isolate prefer ridesharing to public transport more than ever before.

As the coronavirus epidemic has forced most of us into isolation, this year it’s best to focus more on deliveries than ridesharing. Find hotspots in your city and target the areas with lots of restaurants. Driving around breakfast, lunch, and dinner time is a clever move to make the best use of your active hours.

Week four

By this time, ridesharing demand will hopefully start to bounce back and you could even start experimenting with night shifts to help prepare for the Eid festivities. However, this exciting period, full of anticipation, presents some risks for motorists and pedestrians alike. People are often in a hurry, especially before the Maghrib prayers and Iftar. Be mindful of this and take extra care when driving in Muslim neighbourhoods.

From all of us at Splend, we wish you and your family Ramadan Mubarak.

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