Driving an electric car has helped thousands of Uber drivers in London to cut down their car expenses and end the month with more money in their pocket than when driving a petrol car.  

But what if there’s a way to reduce your costs even further?  

If you want to save more money on EV charging, it just takes some extra time, research and resources to create a charging strategy.  

Since we’re familiar with Uber drivers’ busy schedules, we’re here to support you in thriving on the road and being as successful and profitable as possible. That’s why we’ve gathered several valuable tips to help you create an efficient and economical EV charging strategy.  

1. Aim for the best tariff  

Although charging whenever and wherever you want is more convenient, it’s smarter for your pocket to look out for the best charging tariffs.  

TIP: Some chargers will offer lower tariffs during off-peak hours, and others will give you a discount for a monthly subscription.  

To save you from doing that research on your own, here is a list of five hacks to reduce your charging costs in London, with valuable tips for charging with BP Pulse, Char.gy, Ubitricity or Bonnet. 

2. Install a home charger 

If your residence meets the eligibility criteria for installing a home charging unit, don’t think twice before making this investment. Despite the higher installation cost, you’ll get the money back in no time since home charging is by far the cheapest and most convenient way to charge your EV.  

IMPORTANT: With an energy price of £0.30 per kWh in the UK as of September 2023, filling up a 50 kWh battery will only cost £15 using a home charger.  

For reference, filling up a Volkswagen ID.3 will come down to £17 and no more than £18 for an MG 5 Long Range. 

3. Charge your car overnight 

Charging your car overnight is probably a hack that most drivers know, but not actually use since it’s less convenient.  

Did you know? The nighttime home charging tariffs in London vary between 7.5p/kWh and 10p/kWh, which is over three times cheaper than day tariffs.  

That’s a great way to save money if you can work around your schedule and drive during the day so you can charge up your car at night.  

This advice goes the same way for drivers using public charging stations. Many networks have cheaper tariffs during the night due to lower demand. Locate a charging station near your residence and leave your car to charge overnight, not without taking the safety precautions necessary. 

4. Don’t settle for a single charger or network 

Finding a charger near your home and declaring it your all-time favourite can be nice and easy, but what if you’re missing out on something if you don’t explore more? 

New charging stations are popping up every month in the UK, with multiple charging networks also making their debut. That comes with competitive pricing, discounts and offers to attract customers.  

If you get past using the same two chargers or sticking to a preferred network, you’ll discover a world of endless charging possibilities, all with different advantages and favourable rates. 

Here is everything you should know about EV charging stations in the UK, from average costs, charging times and other useful information.    

5. Let the smart charging apps help you 

Thanks to the digital era we live in, it’s now easier than ever to have all the information in one place — our smartphone and save the hassle of researching on our own.  

For EV drivers, their biggest support can be the EV charging apps. These apps allow you to locate charging points, monitor them, check the prices, pay for your charges, and track your charging history. Essentially, they’re doing everything but driving to the station and plugging in your car.  

Some apps only provide access to a specific charging network, while others gather multiple networks you can choose from and compare their tariffs. Most of these apps are free to use. They’ll only need some megabytes in your smartphone’s memory, offering plenty of valuable information on charging stations in return.  

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