Just as most airports in London, Gatwick introduced a charge for cars dropping passengers at its terminals, similar to Heathrow drop-off charge. You also have to pay a charge for dropping off at Luton airport or dropping off at Stansted airport.

There is always high demand for airport rides on rideshare apps. Therefore, it’s important for rideshare drivers to know about any airport charges, to pay them and avoid fines. 

Here is what you should know about the Gatwick drop-off charge.

What is the Gatwick drop-off charge?

A minimum £5 charge now applies each time a car enters for drop off at Gatwick Airport, both on North and South terminals. 

If you stay more than 10 minutes, you will pay a higher charge:

  • £5 for 10 minutes
  • £1 for each additional minute up to 20 minutes
  • A maximum charge of £25 and the maximum length of stay of 30 mins.

The drop-off charge operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any exception. 

Where are the Terminals the Gatwick drop-off charge applies to?

The North Terminal drop off area is situated on the lower level between the Sofitel and the multi-storey car park.

North Terminal map

The South Terminal drop off area is located on the lower level.

South Terminal map

How to pay the Gatwick drop-off charge?

You must pay the Gatwick drop-off charge by midnight the day after your visit. 

There are two ways you can pay the drop-off fee:

  • Postpay – pay after your visit by introducing your licence plate number
  • Autopay – if you pay regular visits to the drop-off charge zone, you can set up a Gatwick autopay account for automatic payment.

IMPORTANT: You can’t pay the drop-off charge at the airport ticket machines.

Don’t worry about this charge affecting your Uber driver salary. This cost is automatically included in the trip payment, to cover the minimum expenses you have for the ride. 

What happens if I you forget to pay the Gatwick drop-off charge?

If you don’t pay the charge by midnight the day after the visit, you’ll receive a £100 PCN (Parking Charge Notice).

TIP: If you pay the fine within 14 days, it will be reduced to £60.

Pay a PCN issued at Gatwick drop-off zone

How can I avoid paying the charge?

To avoid paying the charge, you can drop off passengers at the airport long-stay car parks. Follow the signs for these car parks at your terminal and take a ticket at the barrier. When you leave, just scan the ticket on exit and that’s it.

TIP: This parking is free if you don’t stay for longer than 2 hours.

The downside is that the car park is quite far from the terminal. There are free shuttle buses from the long-stay car parks to the airport and the journey takes around 20 minutes. However, it’s far more inconvenient than getting dropped off right at the terminal and many passengers won’t be happy with this option. 

Do I need to pay the charge if I’m picking-up passengers?

For pick-up, things work a little differently. Uber users who request a ride will be required to meet you at one of the Express Pick-Up areas, located in the car parks for each terminal — Car Park 6, Level 1 for North Terminal and Orange Car Park, Level 0 for South Terminal. 

Can I apply for a discount?

In some cases, yes. If you’re a resident living in postcode areas RH6 0, RH6 9, and RH11 0, you can apply for a £50 annual membership fee. This allows two free entries per day, but only in the South Terminal drop-off zone. 

Passengers with Blue Badge are also exempt from paying this charge. If a Blue Badge holder is travelling with Uber, he must register the car licence plate in advance for exemption.

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