Most of the airports in London area have introduced a fee to pay for dropping-off passengers near the terminals — Stansted drop-off charge, Gatwick drop-off charge and Luton drop-off charge, and Heathrow is no exception.

As a rideshare driver, it’s even more important to be aware of this charge during your London airport trips, to set up proper payment and avoid getting a fine. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Heathrow drop-off charge?

Starting November 2021, all cars entering the terminal drop-off zone must pay a £5 charge for each visit.

There are signs on the road in and around Heathrow airport, so you’ll be able to see where the zones are.

The drop-off charge works by means of Automatic Number Plate Number Recognition (ANPR), which means there are no barriers or checks at the airport terminal. The charge applies 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, with no exception.

There’s no time limit to stay in the Heathrow terminal drop-off zone. However, remember you must pay the charge every time you re-enter the drop-off zone.

How to pay the Heathrow drop-off charge?

You can pay the charge either in advance (valid for 12 months), on the same day, or until midnight on the same day of your trip. There are three ways you can pay:

  • Online – pay on the spot for one drop-off or pre-pay for multiple drop-offs

Pay for a trip

  • Via Autopay – create an account and set up automatic payment for each visit. You can pay for a single drop-off, pre-pay for multiple drop-offs, and have access to your previous trips.

Log in to pay

  • By phone – at 0330 008 5600. At this number, you can pay for a single drop-off or even multiple visits.

IMPORTANT: You can’t pay the charge at the airport ticket machines or in the terminal drop-off zone. Cash payments are not accepted.

Can I get exempt from paying the Heathrow drop-off charge?

Yes. If you’re a Blue Badge holder, you don’t have to pay the charge, but you do have to apply for this concession and wait for a reply.
Apply for a Blue Badge discount

Which Terminals the Heathrow drop-off charge applies to?

This charge applies to all terminals in Heathrow Airport. The drop-off zones are situated in front of each of Heathrow’s four terminals. This zone is also known as the terminal forecourt.

Heathrow Airport Terminals map – Source: World Travel Guide

Heathrow airport has four terminals:

  • Terminal 2 – the airport’s newest terminal, built on the site of original Terminal 2 and the Queens Building
  • Terminal 3 – linked to Terminal 2 through the main approach tunnel
  • Terminal 4 – located to the south of the southern runway
  • Terminal 5 – lies between the northern and southern runways at the west end of the Heathrow site

What happens if I don’t pay the Heathrow drop-off charge?

If you don’t pay the charge, you will receive an £80 fine called a PCN (Parking Charge Notice). However, it will be reduced to £40 if you pay within 14 days.

Pay a PCN issued at Heathrow drop-off zone

IMPORTANT: If you’re driving a PCO rental car, you might get a PCN administration charge for each traffic offence, so make sure to pay every fee to avoid this.

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