Most of the airports in London area have introduced a fee to pay for dropping-off passengers near the terminals — Heathrow drop-off charge, Gatwick drop-off charge and Luton drop-off charge, and Stansted is no exception.

Learn how much is the Stansted drop-off charge and how to pay it.

What is the Stansted drop-off charge?

For dropping-off passengers in the Express Set Down zone, located very close to the Terminals, you will have to pay a charge of: 

  • £7 if you stay up to 15 minutes 
  • £25 if you stay over 15 minutes 

IMPORTANT: If you re-enter this zone within an hour of first entering the car park, you will have to pay a £20 charge. 

You cannot leave your car unattended in this drop-off zone. 

How to pay the Stansted drop-off charge?

You can pay at any automatic ticket machine in the airport using your card or cash. Remember that the machine doesn’t give change, so choose cash payment if you only have the exact change. 

Taking the airport fares into consideration is highly important when estimating how much Uber Eats drivers make in the UK. The good news is that this cost is automatically included in the trip payment supported by the passenger to cover the minimum expenses you have for the ride, but you’re the one responsible to pay it. 

Can I get a discount for the Stansted drop-off charge?

If you live within a 10-mile radius of Stanstead Airport, you can apply for a Local Resident Discount, but not for a private hire vehicle. Unlike the ULEZ charge and Congestion charge, EVs are not exempt from paying the Stansted drop-off charge. 

Can I drop off passengers at Stansted airport for free?

Yes. You can drop off passengers at the Mid Stay Car Park and even park there for up to 60 minutes, free of charge. Remember that if you re-enter within an hour of first entering the car park, you will have to pay a £30 fee.  

Do I need to pay the same charge for picking up passengers at Stansted Airport?

If you want to pick up someone from Stansted Airport, you have two options: 

  • Short Stay car park (Orange zone) – £10 for up to 30 minutes 
  • Mid Stay car park – free of charge for up to one hour 

IMPORTANT: The Express Set Down Zone is only accessible for dropping-off passengers.

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