Originally known as Taxify, Bolt is an Estonian rideshare company that was one of the first competitors to take on Uber in London, one of the biggest rideshare markets globally. With a strong foothold in both Europe and Africa, Bolt has continued to attract over 25,000 drivers to the platform in the Greater London Area.

Ever since launching in London, Bolt has used its 10-20% commission rate (depending on the city and the car you drive) as a key differentiating factor compared to Uber, putting more money into the pockets of drivers. Bolt also offers drivers a larger fee to cover the cost of driving within the Congestion Zone times.

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Getting started with Bolt in London is relatively straightforward, especially if you have previously signed up with other rideshare platforms and have the documents ready. The process and requirements are very similar to Uber driver requirements.

To become a Bolt driver in London, you need to sign up online. See the details below:

How to sign up with Bolt in London

Bolt car requirements in London

To become a Bolt driver, you need a car that meets the following requirements:

  • 4 doors
  • Minimum 5 seats
  • Excellent working condition, with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding
  • Your vehicle must be correctly licenced by your local licensing authority
  • Must meet TfL’s PHV emission requirements

You will need to prepare the following documents:

  1. PHV licence (paper licence)
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. MOT Test certificate issued within the last 6 months
  4. The car’s V5C logbook

If your car doesn’t meet Bolt’s requirements, check Splend’s current offer of PCO cars to rent and start driving a Bolt-ready car as soon as you sign the agreement.

If you subscribe to a car from Splend, Bolt will also ask for a fleet insurance policy certification and any other supporting documents such as a permission letter and/or policy schedule (driver and vehicle schedule).

Bolt driver requirements in London

Same as with all rideshare platforms, you need to submit some personal documents that certify that you’re suitable to work as a private hire driver in London. Prepare copies of each of the following documents to finalise your application with Bolt.

  • DVLA Driving licence
  • DVLA check code
  • Private hire driver’s licence, aka. PCO licence (paper licence + photo badge)
  • Bank statement
  • Profile picture that matches the requirements

Examples of the driver documents required by Bolt

Once you have submitted all documents to Bolt and your application has been verified, you can either engage in an online call with Bolt team or attend the Bolt hub to activate your account and start driving.

Bolt support

If you’re having trouble with your application, Bolt has several helplines for you:

How do I contact Bolt’s support team?

You can call Bolt’s 24/7 driver phone support service on +44 808 169 8818, reach out to their sign-up support specialists at london-signup@bolt.eu, If you’re already a driver, you can write to uk-driver@bolt.eu.

Where is the Bolt Training office?

Bolt’s training office is located at Bolt Hub, 114 Power Road, Chiswick, W4 5PY.

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