Since launching in India in 2010 Ola has taken the ridesharing market by storm, becoming one of the largest platforms on the market. In the past years, Ola launched in London, one of the top five biggest rideshare markets globally. Both riders and drivers have already taken a liking to Ola, with an estimated 30,000 drivers registered on the platform.

To incentivise EV drivers, Ola offers 0% commission for EV rides to encourage drivers to switch to green mobility.

Step-by-step guide to signing up with Ola in London

Ola car requirements in London

To become an Ola driver you need a car that meets the following requirements, similar to the Uber car requirements in London:

  • Under 10 years old
  • 4 doors
  • Minimum 5 seats

You also need to prepare the following documents:

  1. PHV licence (paper licence)
  2. Car insurance certificate (hire agreement / permission letter / full policy schedule) This must contain the name of the driver and the car’s technical description
  3. MOT certificate issued within the last 6 months
  4. The car’s logbook or New keeper’s slip

Ola driver requirements in London

Same as with all rideshare platforms, you need to submit some personal documents that certify that you’re suitable to work as a private hire driver in London:

  1. PCO licence (paper licence as well as photo badge)
  2. DVLA driving licence
  3. DVLA Check Code

You can request a DVLA Check Code online. Enter your DVLA driving licence number, national insurance number, as well as your postcode, and select “share your licence information”, to generate your DVLA check code.

Take a screenshot of this unique code and upload it to your Ola account.

Payment information

To finalise your application you need to provide your payment information so that Ola can wire your payments. Ola transfers the fares from the day to your bank account by the next day. You need to submit the following details:

  • Bank account number and sort code
  • National insurance number

How to become an Ola driver?

  1. Sign up online – after getting all your documents ready, you can register here and upload your documents.
  2. Complete the assessments – before starting to drive, you need to login on the Ola training platform and complete five assessments.
  3. Start driving with Ola – after completing all the steps and getting your driver account approved, you can start driving for Ola.

Ola support

If you’re having trouble with your application, Ola has an operations centre based in London as well as a dedicated support team.

How do I contact Ola’s support team?

You can call Ola’s 24/7 driver phone support service on +44 203 9720800, or send an email to You can also check the step by step guide on this Ola onboarding video.

Where is the Ola headquarters?

Ola’s headquarters is at WeWork, 131 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1NT.


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